April 13, 2009

Design Board

You know how I've been LOVING grey recently!?! If you missed it, my grey obsession post is here.

As part of a design competition last week for one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style, I created a room that was grey and white with pink accents. It was so much fun!

The full details of the contest are here, but basically I needed to create a budget friendly design inspired by this Jessie Randall room . I was immediately drawn to the modern white furniture and splashes of pale pink and I knew they'd look awesome with an update to grey walls!

Here's what I came up with:

My shopping list:

Couch – Ikea $499

Coral Print Chairs –Target $289 -these get a little $$ because I want 2 of them but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them I think they might be my most favorite part of the room!

White Chair – Ikea $129 - the great thing about these chairs is the slip cover is just about $30 - so if you're nervous about white getting dirty, the covers are easily replaceable AND you can always wash and bleach.

Zebra Print Pillows West Elm $34 - another fave of mine and I will most definitely be buying a pair of these.

Pink Pillows– Ikea $19.99,

Coffee Table – Ikea $29.99 - I'm thrilled by how affordable these tables are!

Square Side Table – Ikea $12.99

Round Side Table – Ikea $19.99

Oversized Japanese lantern –Luna Bazaar $11.95 -this one is huge with a 30 inch diameter. It makes such a big impact on the space for such a small price!

Table Lamps – Target $97

Painting – 20x200 $200 - This is my first time working with modern art, but I think I love it!

Elephant - West Elm $29.00 - I bought one of these recently and I'm OBSESSED with it. It's totally random and funny, but it's my most favorite thing that I have bought in the last 6 months!

Coral – Crate & Barrel $44.95

Jute Rug - Ikea $149

Paint - Sherwin Williams Magnetic Grey SW7058

There were a bunch of fabulous designs submitted as part of the contest, so make sure to check them out here! The winners received one of these lovely books! (When I went to the Domino website 2 weeks ago and it forwarded me on to Architectural Digest... the reality finally hit me. It's really gone.)

Photo Credits: Domino. Design board items as per retailer listed above.

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  1. I'm obsessed with gray too! Your board looks great and I especially love the little elephant.