April 16, 2009

I found it!

I babysit for some friends that have a fabulous stash of design magazines! (Yes, I STILL babysit, which actually is a fairly normal thing to do for 2o-somethings in a city that is disgustingly expensive - babysit through your 20's and wait til well into your 30's before having any of your own!)

Anyways, I was sitting about a month ago and found a Hampton's house in an old Elle Decor that I just adored. I wrote down all of the information so that I could look it up later online, promptly lost my notes, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

But I'm back babysitting and I found it!
It's a Bridgehampton farmhouse owned by Trey Laird (a big NYC advertizing guy) and his wife Jenny. What I love so much about it, is that it's not some absurdly over-done mansion. In the words of the owners "It just seems that every house out here is on steroids... We were looking for something more intimate."

It's this pool and poolhouse that really had me hooked! I have a thing for pools with grass landscaping and it's unusual to see trees so close to a pool, but by doing so, garden designer Deborah Nevins reinforces the feeling of country farmhouse. It's simple and unpretentious; it's gorgeous! And I love the lanterns around the edge of the pool!
I'm OBSESSED with this open air living space! To be fair, I'm partial to outdoor living areas because they make me think of warm weather - but I'm sorry, ton's of seating, white furniture, skylights, I could just scream over how much I love it!

For the interiors, the Laird's hired designer Jeffery Bilhuber and used family heirlooms as well as many of treasures that they had aquired from Paris flea markets and London antiques shops. Starting with the living room, the natural and blue color scheme seems perfect for this 1911 house; smooth and comfortable with a touch of "farm house." I'm not sure I like double-sided couches, but I do like the two separate seating arrangements that this one creates. And wow - that ceiling and a full wall of light!

(Second view of living room)

The library: Pops of yellow, created by a collection of National Geographic magazines, give the wall of bookshelves interest and color. I really like the highlights and lowlights of the wall color in the library. The light furniture and flooring keep the dark wall color from feeling overwhelming.

I've never seen a couch in a dining room before, but why not? It creates a perfect coffee corner in this french country dining room!

I'm not sure if it's the built-in bookshelves, the white-washed beams or the high, peaked ceiling that's my favorite part of the master bedroom...
The all white color scheme in the master bath feels so clean!
The quilt in this guest room is from Calypso Home - one of my favorite stores!

Photo Credits: Elle Decor


  1. I'm so glad you found these photos again! I really flipped over the bookshelves in the master bedroom and that white bathroom. Oh, and the HUGE outdoor living space. I would practically live out there if I had something like that. Amazing.

  2. The dining room couch is so cool. I don't know if anybody would sit in a couch in the dining room. This one in the bay window looks seriously sunny.

    Thinking about it (and not having a separate dining room) I guess I have a sofa in my dining room too. A single purpose dining room seems like a waste.

  3. What lucky parents to have a babysitter like you! I would have loved a sitter who was more interested in design than boys and talking on the phone! And yes, waiting until you are older to have kids is a great idea...Love that diningroom!