May 29, 2009

Malcolm Davis Architecture

I'm loving Malcolm Davis! He's an architect based in San Francisco and his spaces are beautiful! I'm drawn to the way he uses natural light and makes a connection between interior and exterior spaces. This dining room is in his own home, which is a Victorian built in 1905. When he purchased the home, his friends all thought he was crazy --the building was a mess, having undergone several disasterous renovations over the century. But wow, he succeeded in finally giving this home a proper renovation. Can you believe the height of the windows in this space?
I love the steel casement door!
I'm also drawn to Davis's bathroom designs. They have a bold, masculine feel to them. And even in the loo, he encourages natural light. But of course, includes frosted glass for privacy when neccessary! I love the dark, oversized tiles in this bathroom. This space is also part of his Victorian home, where he eliminated flat ceilings and opened up the space to the roofline. I just can't say it enough - I'm obsessed with all of the light!I also love the texture created from his frequent use of paneled walls! Isn't this an amazing before & after?I thought this space was so cute too. It's part of a project that won several awards for its use of green design. Such a great way to take advantage of a small space. OMG I want to be there right now!! The floor tile is beautiful, the fireplace - stunning!These 2 pictures above are part of a renovation that was neccessary after a devastating fire. Because the client had lost most of her belongings in the fire, storage wasn't a top priority for her. She just wanted a sense of openness.

He's also the architect for the Stable Cafe that I wrote about earlier -- click here to see it!

Photo Credits: Malcolm Davis Architecture

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May 28, 2009

I'm Distressed!

I'll be the first to admit that I have no business blogging about denim... I don't even like pants in general (I'm all about skirts and dresses). So, I've never bought designer jeans, skinny jeans or dark rinse jeans...literally I own 1 pair of jeans and they are over 6 years old! It's insane, I know!

But, I've had my eye on this destroyed denim trend for awhile and I've loved it. I think it was this weekend's trip to Bergdorfs and a blurb in NY Mag that pushed the needle from "I love it" to "I need to have a pair RIGHT NOW!"

So here are some of the pairs that I'm loving
True Religion Jordan Boyfriend Jean at Saks $246
J.Crew's Distressed Vintage Slim in Antique Wash $148 - I just love them rolled at the hem and styled with cute shoes!!Abercrombie's Erin Skinny Destroyed $89.50
Madewell's Ex-Boyfriend Jean in Marble Wash $200 -- These are really cute if you like them slouchy!Abercrombie's Erin Skinny Destroyed in Superlight Destroyed $89.50
American Eagle's Boy Fit Jean $49.50 -it's not my most favorite of all of the washes, but I think the price tag is a good intro to get me back into jeans buying!

American Eagle's Boy Fit Jean in in Super Bleach $49.50. I like these as a lighter option.

The other trend going on in denim right now is shorts!!! So if I said I don't like pants, I LOATHE shorts, literally I haven't worn shorts in over 10 years with the exception of gym clothes. So I will not be running out to by a pair of jorts anytime soon, but I do think the trend is kind of cute if you are able to pull it off!
Madewell's Worn and Torn Midi Shorts in Thunderstorm Wash $82
Abercrombie's Greta Shorts $60

May 26, 2009

Play Time!

If you've always wanted a Frank Lloyd Wright home, you can now have one for just about $40! The Lego Architecture line has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation to create sets for Falling Water and The Guggenheim.
These 2 FLW buildings join the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Center, the Space Needle and the Empire State Building sets as Lego aims to inspire future engineers and architects by making great design more accessible. The FLW sets include educational historical information and photographs too!

Does anyone else things these things are ridiculously cute!?

It's a rough day

The recovery from a 3 day weekend is always kind of difficult. That additional day gets me thinking that it's a full time vacay... and unfortunately, it's not. Back to reality.

So I'm hoping you can support me in my day of random. There's no theme, no main idea, just a bunch of images I love.
I really want one of these hammock things! A skylight like this would be nice too! I'm loving both the circular carpet AND the ceiling detail. I really hope my future children can be as well dressed as this child. I mean HONESTLY! Is she not the cutest thing ever?!
I'm obsessed with the preppy girlyness of this TV room.
and I LOVE the grey of this room. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hope you all had an amazing long weekend and are having a better time adjusting to the work week!!

Photo Credits: Henry Hall Designs, Design Ties, Sweet Nothings, Tom Sheerer, Molly Skok, House Beautiful.

May 21, 2009

Color Trend: Turquoise and Lime

I've been loving the pops of turq and lime for a while.. so it's about time that I make a post about it! The colors feel so fresh and bright! I love them off of a white background. This kitchen is one of Jonathan Adler's recent designs -- I just love him! What's so great about this space is that the color is in the accessories. If you begin to crave a new color scheme, it just needs a simple update!This room is an old Domino favorite. I'm guessing most of you have seen it before, but how could I not include it?! I love the vintage feeling of the couch! And the "kate spade green" window treatments are lovely! (I generally tend towards neutral curtains, but I just adore these here! Against a neutral wall and white trim , they are gorgeous!)I wish I was gutsy enough to do a design like this! I've been seeing a lot of turquoise in the kitchen... are the 50's coming back?!

It may just be the quality of the picture, but I wish this green were just a bit brighter, a little more yellow - but otherwise this kitchen looks like fun!
A globe is a perfect way to compliment this color scheme!
This pic and the next one don't have any green, but I like them anyways! Mod is so fun sometimes!Cute lamps!

Photo Credits: House Beautiful, Domino, Richard Mishaan, Apartment Therapy, Sunset, Morten Holtum, Sunset, Southern Accents
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Should I move to Cali for this?

I guess I could go for a just vacay, but I came across pictures of Stable Cafe in San Francisco, and now I really want to go see it. And by see it, I mean hang out and drink my coffee there every day.
As it's name suggests, the building was once an old stable. Architect Malcolm Davis is responsible for the fabulous transformation. His work is amazing - it's just a blog post waiting to happen.... Anyways, he was blessed here with such a unique work space.Those windows! All of that light! I DIE over the unfinished wood ceiling and walls. The table here is made from repurposed wood from a bowling alley... and if you think it's as neat as I do, you can rent out this room for meetings and events. I'm in love with the ceiling here too!

There's art space too!
It has received excellent reviews! The people, the food, the atmosphere -- all great! And apparently it also has a great "pressed yerba mate" -- what is that? It seems that everyone in S.F is familiar with the term - I better catch up on my lingo before I go visit!

And apparently they have a chocolate peppermint cookie there that tastes just like Thin Mints! OMG!

Photo Credits: Remodelista,

May 20, 2009

Amanda Nisbet Design

Now that it's summer I'm really ready for some color! I'm totally loving Amanda Nisbet's designs! Shown here, Amanda is a New York designer known for her bold use of color. How cute is the pink and orange toile behind her and I LOVE that pink chair. She balances function and style, Classicism and Modernism. Amanda understands the demands that family life can put on a space-- I bet that corduroy couch is sooo comfortable. And this porch is a full on outdoor living room. What a fabulous space to relax. I've been resistant to this trendy color, but I LOVE how she uses lavender here. It's just the right color and balanced with the different shades. Confirmed Amanda Nisbet is an expert with color --- I LOVE how she uses it in this room! All of the patterns, colors and textures compliment each other so nicely! I'm loving the light fixtures!
fun stripes!
I like the headboard. How funny is the tree on the wall?

I'm liking the wall paper in this bathroom.
I adore the chandelier in here!

A nice, serene bedroom