September 30, 2009

Chair Fun!

Elle Decor did a fun little piece on If Money Were No Object: Chairs and a couple were just perfect for today!Happy Pink Wednesday! This one, called the Sushi Chair (fun name!) is by Unica Home. With stunning walls and floors like these, it's amazing that these Ligne Roset chairs can still keep your attention!
You know how I love sophisticated things in kids rooms? I think a chair like this Julian Chinchester one would be perfect. It's a cute print with elegant lines, how perfect!

September 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend - a true dream wedding, with the castle included!

It was in Huntington, NY, at Oheka Castle - which is stunning!
I had all of the best intentions of running around and taking a bunch of photos; I even brought a huge bag instead of a cute clutch so that I could tote around my very large camera, but catching up with friends and drinking martinis sort of interfered with my plans! Our chauffeur drove us up the beautiful, long driveway. The weather was just about perfect!We were dropped off in front where we were greeted by a red carpet. Although of course we wanted to walk around a little and take a few photos. I will say that while cobblestones make for an authentic and beautiful paving stone, it's not so easy on the ladies in heels! Up the grand stair case we went! With additional flowers and candles, it was even prettier on the wedding day!The ceremony was held outside, looking out onto the gardens. With this facade as the back drop to the wedding procession, the girls's already pretty dresses were even more elegant!I actually missed the loggia - there were too many amazing appetizers inside that I never made it out. The formal dining room was where the wedding cake and the dessert bar were served - I'd never seen (or eaten) so many amazing desserts in my life! I never actually found this path - I mean you can only go so far when your heels are aerating the lawn! But it is somewhere on the castle grounds and I kind of liked the pic!Built in 1919 as a summer home, Oheka cost $11 million to construct and was (and still is) the second largest private residence in the United States. After Kahn died in 1934, the property passed through a series of hands, at one point being a retirement home for sanitation workers of NYC (imagine going from picking up trash to living in a castle!) and was later the site for the Eastern Military Academy. By 1985, the building was in almost complete disrepair, with no plumbing, electric, windows or doors. Isn't that just painful to think about!? Fortunately a developer and a non-profit organization began a restoration which is 70% completed.
Photo Credits: Oheka Castle and Elliot Kaufman

September 28, 2009

I need this!

Sigh... why don't I have one?I want a pretty dressing room! and this is the dressing room of the J.Crew head designer Jenna Lyons -- you can be sure it's full of many fabulous things!!

Photo Credits: Adam Chinitz - for Metropolitan Show House, Domino Nov08

September 23, 2009

Pink Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here's the pink room I'm loving this week! I found it on From the Right Bank to the Left Coast - Alek did a fun post about black chandeliers!

Photo Credits: Baccarat

September 22, 2009

Hamilton Furniture

One of my stops last week when I was running around NYC was at Hamilton Furniture. Its show room drew me right in with its white upholstery and lucite tables. The company specializes in "simple, elegant, unadorned pieces that will compliment, not compete with almost any style." While the firm doesn't offer those over the top, WOW pieces, so many of their styles have that easy, clean style that I love!
This year, keeping up with trends, the company has worked with Benjamin Moore to expand their line of painted finishes. They also are expanding their lucite styles and are now creating colored lucite to launch next spring.
But I didn't just love the furniture, I was also so impressed with the quality and efforts of the company to design green product. Producing domestically while using farm grown mahogany, the company maintains competitive price points and quality details.

September 21, 2009

It's high time I hit up the High Line!

I had heard great reviews about the High Line since it opened in June, but I FINALLY just went to see it this past week! It was just as amazing as I hoped it would be!I lucked out with gorgeous weather!There was fabulous people watching! I mean the clothing and style is just amazing!The natural plantings and the way the original rail ties are blended into the landscaping is really quite striking. Many compliments to James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the landscape architeture firm and architecture firm responsible for the breathtaking design. Many great sites to take in - I found that some of the dilapidated buildings were so visually intriguing. Isn't it interesting to see the old building and tracks juxtaposed against the new path?Other fun sites include this seating area which looks out onto the avenue below.I loved these chaise lounges! In addition to beautiful green space, this park includes several lovely seating areas, perfect for taking a snack from the Chelsea Market. The High Line was originally built in the 1930's to remove train traffic from Death Avenue, as 10th Ave was known due to the high level of accidents between the street level trains and road traffic in the busy industrial area that was the meat packing district.
The elevated tracks were designed to run over the center of blocks rather than over the avenue to avoid some of the negative conditions of elevated tracks and allowed trains to connect directly to factories and warehouses. The tracks were used until 1980 at which point the space sat vacant for many years.
Fortunately for us, in 1999, Friends of the High Line is formed, advocating preservation and reuse as a public space. Now, the High Line is open from Gansevoort to 20th Street, with plans to open 20th to 30th street in 2010!

It's such a great place to spend an afternoon in NYC!
Photo Credits: the High Line, Huffington Post and Flickr.

September 19, 2009

Heads Up!

Gorgeous floors are always noteworthy, but I've been loving quite the opposite recently. The details of this ceiling adds so much sophistication and the sense of high quality to the room. Even when tonal, the dimension of the ceiling adds so much character to the room. I'm loving those globe light fixtures too! You know how I've been loving that rustic look of salvaged wood --- I think this one might be my favorite! Sadly, my house doesn't have any fun ceiling details. I'm stuck with plain old white ones... although that's better than popcorn ceilings -- ugh, one of the worst trends of the 80's!
Photo Credits: Eric Roth, House Beautiful, La Dolce Vita, Eric Roth

September 18, 2009

I Married Adventure

I'm swooning over this book!I just can't think of a more fabulous book than one that is zebra print! It's the first edition of Osa Johnson's Married Adventure, published in 1940. I first fell in love with it when I went to Elizabeth Bauer Design - here's a picture of them in her store. Ugh.. but it's $224...
And another fabulous book is giraffe print too!
I recently saw the zebra one used to style with in a catalog-- I think it was a Pottery Barn,--I mean it was practically taunting me to buy it.. so I'm going to have to start doing some serious ebay shopping --- I think you can find it for as cheap as $40 but I don't want to end up with one in terrible condition either!

September 16, 2009

Happy Wednesday

I really need to get a blackberry or a least a computer that is less than 8 years old so that I can have better internet access for blogging.... but what can I say, I really prefer to save my money for jewelry, shoes or fun things for the apartment!
But as part of my NYC running around these past few days, I found this fab pink thing! It's from Cote France which makes gorgeous items in the French style of the 17th, 18th and 19th century. It's all hand crafted and the finishes are very authentic but one of the plusses to having it not be a true antique is that you can get it finished in wild colors like this pink one!

Photo Credits: New York Design Center

September 14, 2009

Guest Blog for your fashion pleasure, by

This week, your favorite Daly Essentials author is very busy running around Manhattan taking care of a million to-do's and won't have Internet access for a few days. In her absence, she asked me to guest blog and introduce some of her loyal readers to my own madness for style.

For a light afternoon treat, I took a walk uptown past the plethora of shops along Madison Ave. Always a fan of shopping, but never a fan of the 'ghost shop' phenomena (that environment which occurs mid morning, in areas of Manhattan when most people are hard at work and only those unemployed recent grads like myself are stalking the racks) I was cautious to enter any stores. But feeling bold (perhaps because I was sporting my new peep-toe ankle booties which give me a rock n' roll illusion) I entered one of my favorite localities. (I should note my style is more prep school meets Soho, less reform school meets lower east side, but every now and then I like to mix things up). As expected, the store was as vacant as a McDonalds next door to a modeling agency, and all eyes were immediately upon me like high beams. I gave my polite, 'I don't need your help' smile, and proceeded to the sweater display. Printed cardigans in lovely 12 gauge merino lined the table like ripe strawberries, waiting to be plucked. Though I hate to disrupt a perfectly folded display, I also cannot buy something without tactile inspection.

Not yet was my hand at the collar of the first ripe sweater, when a saleswoman was on me like white on rice. "May I help you with that?" she rhetorically asked me as she snatched the wool from my hand and held it between her well manicured, lithe fingers. I smiled, but felt like old peeling wallpaper, crumbling in on myself in her shadow. I stepped quickly (and as gracefully as I could manage in brand new shoes) to the left to a rack of jersey dresses. A furtive glance to the right revealed the amazon saleswoman was distracted by a fellow employee. In my moment of peace, I desperately felt around inside a printed floral dress for a price tag. Mercy was on my side, and I was able to see the reasonable $88 in bold font on an ivory tag dangling from the inner collar. By time the superior giant returned her focus to me, I was proudly clutching the frock under my arm where she couldn't take it from me without a fight. Victory. I made my purchase and headed home to pack my new find for my upcoming honeymoon.

My own blog is, come visit me and leave me some feedback if you'd like! ~Christina E.

September 11, 2009

Dining Out

Tonight, my friends and I have dinner plans at a really cute place: Corner Shop Cafe. I love it because it's got a great laid back atmosphere and a ton of vegetarian options. Their website has a bunch of cute pics that I thought I would share!

I love the exposed brick wall and great light fixtures!
Check it out next time you're in the neighborhood - it's on Bleeker and Broadway.

September 10, 2009

It's finally here!

I've been waiting for months... Today is Fashion Night Out in NYC!

It's an event started by Vogue along with NYC & Company, the City of New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Paired with the beginning of 2010 spring fashion week, the event was designed to encourage consumers to shop again after this tough year of recession.

Not that I need someone pulling my arm, but 700 retailers will be participating with all sorts of festivities such as give-aways, celebrity appearances, and musical performances. You can also be sure to grabs some champagne and hors d'oeuvres and perhaps a make over too! 40% of the proceeds from the sale of Fashion Night T-shirts will be donated to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

In addition, a city wide clothing drive will take place, donating new and gently used clothing to the NYC Aids Fund.

This is such a fabulous event for the city! I just can't wait for all of the festivities tonight!!

September 9, 2009

Pink Wednesday

Mean Girls was on twice this weekend! I don't know why I get so excited to watch it on TV since I own the DVD, but I do! I watch it almost every time that I see it on!! This kitch is complete with the barbie pink radio! Perfect for a Barbie dream house!!

Photo Credits: Flickr

September 8, 2009

Philadelphia Art Museum

I went to Philly again for Labor day weekend! We took advantage of the Philadelphia Art Museum's "Pay what you wish" policy for the first Sunday of the month!

Walking up all of those stairs to get in, it's no wonder that Rocky used them for training!My favorite exhibit was the Shopping in Paris: French Fashion from 1850 to 1925. While the older corseted and skirted styles are fabulous to look at, my favorites were the styles from the 20's. Like this black dress on the left - with the long pearls - so fabulous. And my most favorite, is the one in the back right. (Sorry, I didn't bring my camera along on this adventure since some museums frown upon it). I just love that coral top with the beading and fine silver pleats. My other favorite exhibit was Visual Delight: Ornament and Pattern in Modern and Contemporary Design. There was some really great furniture!

I was quite pleased with what the museum had to offer! There were a bunch of the classics as well as a lot of fun modern pieces too!
I can't wait for the Inspiring Fashion: Gifts from Designers honoring Tom Marotta to open!
Photo Credits: Philadelphia Art Museum and Flickr