June 30, 2009

Massucco Warner Miller

I've just found a new design firm that I love love love -- Massucco Warner Miller!!It's a group of three women based in San Francisco and I love their clean fresh design. The above is a picture of their office. I love their use of turquoise accessories!
This is one of the rooms that first caught my eye. I'm drawn to the fresh white color scheme with the perfect balance of accent colors and pattern. I think then coral and beige together is gorgeous!I'm loving this girls room --- the stonework on the far wall is to die for! Totally a fan of the wallpaper here! This sun room is part of the same DC house as the above bedroom pics.. what a fabulous house! I'm really digging the striped couch!This is the entrance to a gorgeous house in Sun Valley --- you don't have to be a skier to enjoy this beautiful space! It's a little darker and more masculine that I ususally prefer, but it's a perfect style for the setting and the architecture of the house. Mmmmm what a nice place to take nice apres-ski relaxing bath.
I'd very much love to enjoy that glass of wine here!
You had me at zebra print bed skirt! This room is from the San Franscico Decorators Showcase. LOVE the pops of blue and orange!

These 2 pics above are from the Inn of Chicago - so pretty!

June 29, 2009

Can I please have this Soho loft!?!?!

I'm so in love with these pics of this apartment! It's located in the heart of Soho (the best neighborhood to live and shop in NYC!) and it's huge!!I love that white chesterfield couch!! And the mirror wall is a really cool way to add more light and make the space feel even larger than its already very roomy footprint.
Look at all of those windows!! I'm loving the look of the vintage posters too!This is my favorite style kitchen these days -- white kitchens with dark floors. I love the sheep skin rugs and leather chairs in this master --- again I'm so envious of those windows! And here's the seating area for this huge bedroom!!
Pretty chandeliers!
I love the grey walls in this pretty bath!
Photo Credits: ABCD Design via Desire to Inspire

June 25, 2009

Zebra Print!

Doesn't a zebra print rug always look amazing!?!?

What about a zebra print bed too!?!?
I just love the pattern and dimension that a little animal print can add to a room!!

Photo credits:SKMBT, Domino, Domino, Coastal Living, Jonathan Adler, and Jamie Drake via Design Ties

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June 24, 2009

Yay it's Wednesday!

Here are some lovely pink things to get you through hump day!! Enjoy! This is from the Semiramis Hotel --- looks like a fun/wild place to stay!
How cute are those lamps?
And a pretty necklace -- I'm loving the vintage jewels look of this J.Crew Necklace

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Photo Credits: Momoy, Flickr, Traditional Home, J.Crew

June 23, 2009

Runway Shows!

Pics of the resort 2010 runway shows are just getting posted and here are a few of the images I'm loving! (I'll dig into trends etc later, but these are some of the outfits/items that I'm drawn too whether or not they're the next hot thing!!) I love this black jacket by Yves Saint Laurent.
I'm drawn to the abstract floral print of the top and the heavy drapes of this skirt by Thakoon.I want to be this this girl! I'm kind of obsessed with the wild print on the loose fitting pants and I love the drapey v-neck shape of the top! By Roberto Cavalli
Another cute top by Roberto Cavalli - I'm kind of liking the netural top paired with the bright prints on the bottom.
I beading pattern on this dress by Rachel Roy.
I'm kind of drawn to the outfit as a whole here - bright skirt with sequins, long cardi, abstract print top, neutral shoes, by Rachel Roy
I love the pattern and colors of this Prada dress - feels vintage to me!
I LOVE the pattern of this Michael Kors skirt!!
I love the loose, slightly sheer quality of this top. I think it would make for a nice beach cover -up!
I'm loving this Burberry Prorsum top!
I love the delicate girliness of this 3.1 Phillip Lim outfit!
What do you think!? Do you have any faves yet!?

June 22, 2009


If you haven't already hopped on then long cardigan band wagon, I suggest you do!

Long drapey cardis are definitely going to be in this fall and if you were thinking they were any too hipster-ish for you--- here's a pic of Katie Lee Joel wearing one at a barbeque on Montauk!
It looks so nice I just love it! The length is slimming and is definitely wearable with a sundress! On a sad note though.. I just read that she and Billy Joel are getting divorced...

June 18, 2009

Kids can be stylish too!

I've been wanting to write about kids rooms for a while but I've been struggling with finding pictures!! I'm realizing that it's hard to make kids rooms that are sophisticated and original but still whimsical and cheerful.
Typically, I LOVE Pottery Barn, but their kids catalogs just reinforces the rule that girls rooms must be pink and boys rooms are blue. They are all very cute rooms, but they all feel kind of the same. This room belonging to Jenna Lyon's son Beckett, is a kids room that I love for being stylish and playful. Jenna, the creative director at J.Crew, comments "Everything is so predictable! We don't need to be so predictable. Instead, be inspired by something unique." The Domino article that featured her Brooklyn brownstone wrote "Lyon dislikes traditional baby rooms but still wanted a space where her child's imagination and burgeoning aesthetics could run wild (long live chalkboard paint!)" "We were trying to establish a way for design to be playful and engaging without being exclusionary," applying even to the nursery her characteristic philosophy of democratizing sophistication. To figure out what would be both whimsical to a child and interesting to an adult, she and [her husband] tried to picture little Beckett lying in his crib. What would he see? Bold stripes overhead, cozy sheepskin atop cowhide. "Pale blues and pinks can seem so uncreative. There's something fresh about yellow and white and a charcoal wall begging to be drawn on."

And I have to agree with Jenna --- break the rules a little bit with color, but include playful, inspiring objects.
I'm loving the bedding options shown here, made by Dwell Studio for Target. Using a dark wood crib is also a great way to give pink a more sophisticated feel. And don't get me wrong, I love pink, but sometimes it's actually nicer when it's balanced out with neutrals rather than green or purple! This is another cute room from Dwell Studio for Target. Isn't it nice combining unexpected wall colors with other kid friendly ideas? Japanese lanterns are a cheap lighting fixture that gives a dramatic result. This room is definitely feels kid friendly all-over, but what a fresh new color?!And as far as playful objects go, I thought this rug from Design Public was pretty cute with a bite taken right out of it! AND the grey ground can be a nice neutral in a room!How adorable is this hamper from Home Decorators !?Art - using nice framing with a playful theme is a great way to contribute to a stylish room. This cute print is a lovely Etsy find - from Bold and Noble This rug, from 2modern, as well as my next few pics aren't kids things at all, but that's what I like about them. They're playful and fun, but they're all shown in grown-ups spaces, so they're objects that can grow with your kids. A lamp that's been paper-mached-- a perfect project for an ugly lamp make it pretty and match your room!I would have loved mis-matched curtains as a kid!If you have any room for upholstered furniture, how fun is this couch?And big numbers and letters - I love them! This last room isn't a bedroom, but I wanted to include it because of its fun paint pattern!

So what do you think... can we throw that pink is for girls, blue is for boys rule right out the window?! (Just like the you can't wear white after labor day rule which I REFUSE to follow!?!?)

Photo Credits: Pottery Barn, Domino, Domino, Target, Target, Design Sponge, Design Public, Home Decorators, Esty, 2Modern, Design Sponge, Domino, Jake Curtis via Desire to Inspire, O!Rashew via Desire to Inspire, Belle Maison, Purple Area, Traditional Home

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