October 28, 2009

Pink Mini

How cute is this Vintage Mini? It's new by Annechovie and available in her etsy shop!

October 27, 2009

Flipping Out

I believe I have mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flipping Out. But with the cannot miss reunion episode on at 10 pm tonight, I need to reiterate my obsession with Jeff Lewis and Jenni!Home design combined with the ridiculousness that is Jeff, makes for the best thing on tv! If you've missed any of the episodes this season, run to your DVR - Bravo is replaying episodes from 3-6 today and from 8-10 until the reunion starts.

Coincidentally, I am going out to get pumpkins today, which I am quite excited about!! I've refrained from having them in NYC for fear of attracting critters but yay for spending the weekend in the burbs! I want to do something fun for their design... I was thinking I would try to do Jeff's and Jenni's face on the pumpkins, but for some crazy reason I can't seem to find any "Flipping Out" pumpkin carving templates! I may have to go with this haunted house template - at least it has an architectural theme!
Photo Credits: Bravo and DLTK Kids

October 26, 2009

Thad Hayes

Thad Hayes was another celebrity sighting of mine at the D&D event. He was signing his new book and was part of a panel at Dakota Jackson showroom. Although I was a little disappointed that Thad wasn't chattier during the debate on 21st century style, I'm not at all disappointed with his designs. I love the soft neutrals in this Fifth Avenue Apartment. that pop of color above the couch is just perfect! stunning light fixture!
a beautiful Wainscott home

October 21, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Alicia at Alicia B. Design shares my passion for pink! She just did a post of some gorgeous pink drapes that you must check out! This pic is my favorite. The flower art and light fixtures make the room feel so fresh but it's still perfectly feminine for a girls room.

October 20, 2009

Renter's Renovation

The fabulous blog, A Cup of Jo posted on Grant K. Gibson's renovation of his San Francisco apartment. I loved it because it's gorgeous and uses a bunch of budget friendly details. Of course I had to go the New York Times article and get the rest of the pics to share!Grant offered to renovate his apartment in exchange for 2 months free rent ($3000). Yay for such a great idea and a friendly landlord. The biggest drawback to renting is not being able to make changes to your apartment. It's great that the landlord was willing to essentially contribute to the project. Other budget friendly updates: the architectural drawings behind Grant are torn from an old book and mounted in $20 frames. The apartment is on the third floor of this Presidio Heights building. Before the renovation, "it was like a circus in there" but those west facing bay windows convinced Grant that it was worth the effort. Grant gave the apartment a new color palette by staining the floors and painting in a neutral colors. You know how I feel about dark floors off of white - LOVE LOVE LOVE!He splurged on the hollow banquette beneath the bay window allowing extra storage and seating. The Bamboo roman shades are from Target!
It's a Williams Sonoma Home couch but pillows in a Fortuny fabric "add an extra element of luxury." Mirrors on the back of the cabinet create more depth in the space.
The old portraits, some of which were purchased from a local flea market give the space an element of sophistication.
The Turkish rug and crocodile tray table were hand-me-downs from a client - I'm jealous!
Believe it or not, the bed is from Pottery Barn Teen, but he altered it by attaching a headboard. "If I buy something at a retail store, I try to think of how I can make it even more comfortable, more functional, more beautiful." So that's why I still subscribe to Pottery barn kids and teen catalogs!Such bold use of color is rather unconventional for Grant, but he likes the cozy, den-like feeling that this blue creates.
The bathroom was tiled with 99 cent tiles. Grant has an aversion to traditional toilet paper holders, so he purchased this trophy on Ebay to do the job here; what a fun accessory it is!
"I've created a space that I just love," Grant says, "When I do find the right place to buy, I'll want to do all of the same things I did here." I love it too! and when I find the right place to buy I also want to do a lot of the same things, although I'm sure I'll add a few girly elements!
Photo Credits: Paul DeSilva for The New York Times

October 18, 2009

David Hicks

I've been hearing a lot about David Hicks recently and I figured it was about time that I check him out!I immediately fell for this picture on his website of his country home in Oxfordshire where he designed the crenelated Gothic pavilion and created the surrounding gardens. Born in then English country side, David launched his interior design career in 1954 with the decoration of his own home. He then emerged as one of the most influential designers of his generation. He became well known for his bold use of color and pattern. When he couldn't find the fabrics or carpet he wanted in the market, he began designing his own which were often geometric in pattern. His style is known for seamlessly mixing antiques with contemporary furniture and modern art. How stunning the detail on this table?Some of his designs give away their 70's and 80's time period - but not this one! I love it for it's timeless style.That snake skin table is amazing! I'm loving the bold red of the upholstery too.David frequently used canopies in his bed designs. Some of the patterned fabrics that he chose feel heavy and dated now, but I do love this one.David Hicks' son Ashley has developed new fabrics, carpets, and wall papers inspired from his fathers designs. They are available from Lee Jofa, Stark Carpet and Cole and Son.

October 15, 2009

Go Design Go

The D&D Building started a blog called Go Design Go which launched last Wednesday tying in with the fabulous Fall Market that I keep talking about!It showcases new products, hot trends, bargains, design books and more! It's still so new, but I'm excited to see it develop as more readers find out about it!

October 14, 2009

More D&D Fun!

While attending a discussion at Lorin Marsh, a show room at the D&D Building with an eclectic assortment of contemporary, traditional and transitional styles, I spent a lot of time looking at the art on the walls.It was all for good reason as the program included a panel of experts in the art business (an art advisor, a painter, a interior designer and a gallery owner). Conversation centered around the challenge of finding art for interior design projects. Part of the challenge is that it's often difficult for a client to verbalize what they want. Finding the right piece is more than just finding the correct combination of style and color scheme. It's more often about the reaction, feeling and sentiment that you experience towards it. I really fell in love with these paintings on display by Joseph Ginsberg. I'm drawn to how colorful they are with a distinct use of pink! They feel playful and friendly and I like their modern style. I can see these fitting in perfectly off of my white furniture.
I find that learning about the artist helps a lot in understanding their art. As an art history major, I guess I'm programmed to think this or my 4 years in college might have been a big waste! This last painting I found on Ginsberg's website along with that he likes to create a magical mix of nature and art in his work. He goes beyond interpreting the world by interacting with it; his pieces experience nature's touch when they are rained upon or wind carries items across them. He also likes to use nontraditional materials, having previously used axle grease and motor oil to create art to jolt the senses.

October 13, 2009

Design Crush

When I went to the D&D Building last week, Jonathan Adler was the love of my interior design life. But now, there's a new man I have a crush on... Michael Bruno! He's the founder of the fabulous website 1st Dibs which he launched after moving to Paris and becoming enamored with the Paris Flea Markets. He's so cute and was so personable during the morning session, Evolution of Design, a discussion looking at the way the Internet and TV have affected the design world. Michael shared his goal of connecting the Paris antiques market to the rest of the world. Since launching the website in 2001, it now features seven million listings per year and has expanded to include jewelry and vintage watches and most recently vintage couture. This is his gorgeous Paris apartment, where obviously I will be living once he realizes that he loves me just as much as I love him!I've yet to figure out if our relationship will be more of the Will and Grace variety ... but I'm not concerned; this fireplace is gorgeous!!!Every single piece in these rooms are so unique! When I go to new places, I love to look around and take in all of the details of the space -- it drives my friend Kim CRAZY when we're at restaurants because she can never tell if I'm paying attention to what she's saying....but wow, it would take me years to finish looking this place over!Another thing I love is that while I can't necessary afford the gorgeous antiques on the 1st Dibs, the website includes an editorial section focusing on designers. This section doesn't help the website make any more money, but Michael loves how they add personality to the site.
So do you love my new design boyfriend?

October 9, 2009

Paper Dolls!!

One of my new learnings from the Fall Market at the D&D Building that I went to this week, and let me just mention it was everything I hoped for and more! Fun celebrity designers, entertaining discussions, fabulous food and cocktails! I will be talking about it for days....

anyways, the morning panel included James Andrew, of the blog What is James Wearing.
His website is now a new addition to my favorite blogs. His outfits and poses are beyond! I don't recommend these outfits for just anyone though -- it definitely takes a certain person to pull it off!And in addition to sharing his daily outfit choices, you can download a set of paper dolls of some of his most iconic outfits! Ba-nanas!

October 7, 2009

The Pink Ribbon Tour

Isn't pink such a nice color for fire fighter's uniforms!??! I'm 100% serious in saying I think they look fabulous and not just because they are for a wonderful cause! I just learned about this wonderful organization, The Pink Ribbon Tour, when it came to East Hartford, CT, a town not too far from where I grew up. The group includes fire fighters, police officers and leaders in the community raising awareness and money for the fight against cancer for women in this country.

I love the idea behind this organization because they're taking a male dominated profession and supporting not just 1 type of cancer, but all women's cancers, and they make fabulous color choices!

October 6, 2009


I get to see my most favorite designer tomorrow --- Jonathan Adler!!! He's speaking at the D&D Building as part of their Fall Market Event.

Other fab speakers include Michael Bruno from 1st Dibs and Heather Clawson from Habitually Chic.

And the day is full of fun lectures etc! I will be sure to fill you in on my favorites!

October 5, 2009

Shopping surprise

Does this guy look vaguely familiar to you?It's Emmett McCarthy from Project Runway season 2! I happened upon his boutique in Nolita and fell in love with a necklace! It wasn't until I got home and looked at the website that I realized the owner was a designer from the show! I love seeing what the designers are up to now... hmm maybe that's a potential blog series.. Where are the project runway designers now???