April 27, 2009

Beautiful Brides, Beautiful Home

Monique Lhuillier, the designer behind these gorgeous wedding dresses...

...is also the owner of this gorgeous home. She, along with her husband and CEO of her fashion house, and her young son Jack, recently underwent an 18 month renovation, which started as an attempt to update paint colors, and ended up touching all aspects of the house except for the pool where she finally called it quits!
She's done a stunning job with the home, and of course I adore the grey color scheme. Like many couturiers who spend their working hours dealing with brilliant brocades and dazzling silks, Monique explains in an Elle Decor interview, "We wanted an escape from color when we come home from the office.""It's very tonal, but I am really into textures,"
It's a given that I love these charcoal couch and chairs, but I'm also really admiring the petrified wood side table and the Donald Baechler collage above the fireplace.

The mix of modern and vintage furniture from the 1930s through the '70s is really nice. Such a good looking family in such a good looking kitchen!
I'm loving the darker color here in the study!The floor to ceiling curtains in the living spaces add elegance and height to the space. "Having separate bathrooms is the secret behind a happy marriage," the designer says of the divisions made in the master suite.
Wild wallpaper can add so much fun for a small space! I love it here, it's so unexpected.
Ooooh! Jack is such a cutie pie! And this is one of those cribs where the back side can turn into a headboard for his big boy bed...
The grey tones throughout the house create such a calm, soothing feeling, but it definitely helps to have this pergola as a place to relax outside.

Photo Credits: Dresses - Brides.com, House - Elle Decor.

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