April 7, 2009


Perhaps if I talk about West Elm enough they'll want to offer me a special discount! Ha ha, but really I just can't help it! It's just one of my favorite places right now!
I just found out that these chairs are on sale here - almost 50% off the original price! I've had my eye on them for a while - I love the white one w/ the arms. And I think I "NEED" them because they'd offer additional seating for the living room when we have guests. We never have enough seats when people come over and it gets annoying stealing from the dining table to accomodate. They also can easily be pushed against a wall when not in use and be fairly unobtrusive.

While I was surfing the West Elm sale site, I also found this one if you need something more substantial. It's supposed to be part of a sectional but I think its pretty cute all by itself.

Happy Shopping!

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