April 28, 2009

ACK Love

I've been thinking recently how much I would love to move to Nantucket for the summer. It's just that time of year that I used to pack up my college dorm room, and head to the island to work for the summer. Ohh those were the days!! shopping in town down the cobblestone streets...

beach picnics and fishing out at Great Point.. It's just so beautiful and relaxing!

And naturally when I start thinking about how much I love it there, I start looking at the real estate....

And I want this one!!! honestly I'd take any house with shingle siding and a widows walk.. but I'm a real sucker for huge decks...

and I LOVE pools.. and my god, this view of Nantucket Harbor!!! Why would anyone sell this place!?!? Ohh right, because it's listed for $8.5 million with J Pepper Frazier. In my fantasy world where I'd buy this house, it's perfect, because I wouldn't be happy just moving into a place unless I could do a few of my own design updates - and I think I would whiten up the kitch a bit, change the granite counter tops to marble. I love this room! The blue and white feels so Nantucket and I like the ceiling detail. The stair cases are beautiful. And apparently the house also has an elevator... how wild is that!?

I die!

I'd live pretty much anywhere to spend a summer on Nantucket again.. but I do really love this house!

Photo Credits: Flickr, Nantucket.Net, House: J Pepper Frazier

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