July 30, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall, or dresser, or table....

I'm loving mirrored furniture! It works with any color scheme and because it reflects light, it helps to brighten a space!I first fell in love with the idea in this pretty space from Frou Frou Fashionista. The small dresser is so feminine and sophisticated! It makes for a good material for a table.

And fun for coffee tables too! I love how the mirror allows it to feel classic and sophisticated but also a little modern too!

Photo Credits:
Made By Girl, Phoebe Howard, Vallone Design, Sue in Sydney, Canadian House and Home - Anne Hepfer, Canadian House and Home - Anne Hepfer.

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Summer Hair

I've been admiring Jen's and Lauren's hair for awhile --- I love the simple braid! So now I need to try it for myself! It seems perfect for summer. Hopefully this post is all the motivation I need!!

July 29, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy these pink pretties!
Photo Credits: Flickr - Kay, Belle Maison, Flickr

July 27, 2009

Wild Design

Here are a bunch of designs that I'm loving for their ingenuity! I love the creativity and the wow factor of some of pieces like this table!

But I don't necessarily suggest replicating them! I think these kind of designs are best left to being unique - one and onlys!!

Photo Credits: Adam Chinitz for Metropolitan Home, Pierre Yavanovitch, Beach Studios, Beach Studios, Adam Chinitz, Adam Chinitz

Pattern Happy

Patterned wall paper is old news, Alan the Gallant, a multi-talent design bureau located in Barcelona, works to apply their designs to anything you could think of! In addition to exteriors like this cute dock house, they extend their patterns to furniture, textiles, clothing, notebooks and kitchen appliances!Here's a new bike to add to my list of bikes I might want!Really, they do patterns for anything you might want!!! How fun! My favorite are the one's where the patterns is most unexpected -- ie the dock house and bike! And while we're talking about unexpected pattern... Check out this limited edition Jeep that Lilly Pulitzer has created! Wild!

July 23, 2009

A Summer Bike Ride

Between warm summer weather allowing bike rides outside and the Tour de France (I've gotten totally hooked on watching it and have developed a huge crush on Lance Armstrong) I've had my eye out for bicycles! I've always loved this hallway for the wallpaper and gorgeous floors! Now I'm more focused on the bike! I used to think baskets were so old ladyish on a bike, but I've come to adore them! Really, anything that lets you carry more shopping around is good by me! The bike is a surprise in this space but easy storage - hanging from a ceiling!A bicycle adds such a nice element to a room! I'm starting to wonder, can you decorate with them even if you don't plan to ride it?This one looks so good in the space too!
Now, if I decide to get a new bike... I might have to get this one!! Because.....It comes with a hidden flask! Have you seen anything funnier?This bike is pretty fun looking too! And I just couldn't resist this photo!!! I know that our puppy would NEVER have sat still enough for this kind of photo!

Photo Credits: Cafiero Select, Country Home, Glen Proebstal, Mika Jornal, Hollister, Hollister, Jenny Nordberg via Cup of Jo, Flickr - Troeth.

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Pamplemousse Design

I had come across advice from Delphine Krakoff, an interior designer based in New York that I loved. She advocates incorporating perks of Old World refinement into every day living. Case in point: she suggests monogramming your clothes hangers. "The more pedestrian the item, the more it benefits from being made uniquely yours." Loving that philosophy, I had to find out more about her! She grew up in Paris, which you can see a bit of a French flair in some of her designs designs. Her firm, named Pamplemousse Design, is the french word for grapefruit. And also one of my favorite French words because it seems sounds kind of funny! I'm kind of loving that wild coffee table! A darling nursery!I like the mix of modern sleekness with the more detailed curves of the chairs.
Pretty stuff!

July 22, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Here are a few pink lovelies for you to enjoy today! How fab is that pink ruffly throw?!

This funny set up is from Milan's Design Week -- I thought it was pretty cute!

Photo Credits: Flickr- Belledame73, Home and Garden, Flickr

July 21, 2009

Hang Ten

I love the creativity of this gate!Isn't it so much fun!? Such a perfect pic for summer!

Photo Credit: Francesco Bittichesu

July 20, 2009

Brick Walls

Brick walls give so much character to a space. I like the way the materials provide texture and dimension. I'm always so jealous when someone has one in their home! Isn't this room stunning? How perfectly does the arc pattern of the bricks fit over the bed? I like they way that they have paired pretty, feminine bedding against the rustic wall.
This large brick hearth adds so much warmth to the room -- both literally and figuratively speaking!
I like how much the color tones of the brick vary in this wall. It provides a really interesting pattern. The blue bedding is a pretty color here too!

July 16, 2009

Hotel Missoni

There's a fab new hotel in Edinburgh: Hotel Missoni. Decorated by the creative director of the fashion house, the hotel is distinctive and iconic of the brand. While the exterior is discrete, the interior is wild with color! Get ready for the exciting visit!!Check in here! So fun and modern! Certainly beats a Holiday Inn!Get a dose of color on the way to your room!One of these may be your room! I think the second one with the butterflies is my favorite! I kind of love playing "find the missoni geometric print" in each room! Gorgeous bathrooms too!
Once you feel settled in - grab a bite to eat, or check out any one of these great spaces the hotel has to offer:

It's quite fun isn't it? Missoni plans to open another hotel in Kuwait in the fall, followed by one in Cape Town, South Africa before the 2010 World Cup. There are also plans for Oman and Brazil in 2011.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Photo via WWD, Hotel Missoni, and Flickr.

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