March 30, 2009

Recession Special

I LOVE LOVE LOVE grey right now. They say that neutrals are in because of the recession, something about pale, washed out colors feeling appropriate for the bleak economic situation. I suppose then that all of this grey beauty in design right now may be the only silver lining to our economic problems!

So, my friend moved into a new apartment recently and of course I tried to convince her to paint her living room grey. Mind you, this was unsolicited decorating advice, as she was quite satisfied with her already off-white walls. So she simply said "umm I can't really picture what that would look like." Hmm, weird, so you mean that not everyone fantasizes about paint swatches like these?" David Kaufman Collections DKC-10
Sherwin-Williams Magnetic Grey SW7058
Benjamin Moore's Grey Tint 1611

Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek 1470

Alex, this one's for you! This is how amazing grey walls can be!

Photo Credits: Paint Swatches: House Beautiful, Domino, Domino, House Beautiful, Domino, Domino, Elle Decor, Brooke Giannatti.

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