June 17, 2009

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

I hope you all were lucky enough to watch Mean Girls this past weekend - it was on tv at least twice, I know because I watched it twice!!

Here are a few of the pink things I'm loving this week!I'm loving the sophisticated but feminine combo in this room. The grapefruit color of the "Love" print pairs so nicely with the fuschia. It also makes me think -- do I need to get one of those mirrored dressers? It looks so pretty! This yellow and pink combo makes me think of pink lemonade!
I'm loving the girly update to these Adirondack chairs! Looks like such a fun party they'll be having.

Photo Credits: Made By Girl, Sarah Kidder Design Blog, and The Inspired Room.


  1. HAHAH that's perfect! I love pink. and LiLo even though shes crazy.

  2. frou frou is just so pretty, kind of the same vibe as my bedroom, hope to be posting pics of my pad soon enough;-)
    love your blog, btw!