June 4, 2009

I love you Coney!

While blogging away this week, I've been watching Conan O'brien on the new Tonight Show, and I just LOVE him.

I think he's hilarious, but I also believe that he's a really good guy that hasn't let the success go to his head. And if I'm being truly honest with myself I have a crush on him too! Red hair, pale skin and all!!

Anyways, all of his talk about moving to LA made me want to check out his new house and here it is!Located in Brentwood, it has 6 bedrooms, 8.5 baths and sold for 10.75M. I like the New England style and it seems to suit him; when referring to his move to Cali, he said "I'll be a fish out of water," he says. "I physically don't belong in L.A. I'm not genetically engineered to live that close to the Mexican border, and I'm not a smooth showbiz character."It's a bummer that these pics are just the listing photos -because I'd LOVE to see how he has the house decorated.... but regardless, the windows and fireplace in this living room are pretty fab.

Another gorgeous fireplace - there are a total of 6 in the house. The library also has a bar. I'm loving the navy walls in here! So nice off of the white trim.
I really like those light fixtures. I'm loving the skylight and balcony in the master. So much great natural light in the house. The master has 2 bathrooms which I've decided is the key to a successful marriage. Thus my new answer to the annoying question "Why are you still single?", "I'm waiting until I can come close to affording a house with a his and hers bath before I settle into a serious relationship."A screening room

Gorgeous lawn and poolThis fabulous veranda is complete with spa, pavilion with fireplace, kitchen and canyon views. And if you had any worries about how amazing parties could be here, the house also has a 1500 bottle wine room.

I'm loving the house - Yay for the O'brians. Although it means that my dream of going to the Late show (which was filmed in NYC) and screaming "I love you Coney" will never come true...

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  1. That is a beautiful, beautiful house. I could move in just as it is, quite happily.
    You're right, the bathroom thing is a bigger deal than separate closets. My lovely husband goes all the way to the other end of the house to use the 1980s bathroom so that I can toddle around on my ownsome in the 2007 master ;)