June 8, 2009

A Perfect Match!

I was so excited to see Anthropologie's June Catalogue! In creating a music theme for the issue, the clothing company paired with Hatch Show Print, America's oldest working poster print shop.

I LOVE Hatch! Not only do they make awesome, fun posters that capture the sound or feel of a band, but the company is based in Nashville and their art is a fabulous reminder of my college days in the Music City.

Hatch was founded in 1879 when show business was a get-up-and-go business. Show posters needed to generate the excitement to drive people to the show and Hatch's posters had the artistic talent to do that. Located just behind the Ryman, Hatch was the go-to poster place during the golden era of country music. Today, Hatch is owned by the Country Music Foundation and serves as a tourist attraction and museum and historical archive in addition to still functioning as a working letterpress print shop where every machine is hand operated and every poster is handmade.

Country music bands are still a primary focus, but they also work with other musical genres in addition to companies such as Nike, Jack Daniels and obviously Anthropologie!My college roommate worked at Hatch for a summer and we had a lovely wall of our apartment covered in their posters! Seeing the Anthro catalogue has reminded me how much I love their look, and I think I will have to buy a bunch! The only debate is whether to just order now online, OR plan a trip down to Nashville this summer and stop by the store!

Since I love Hatch so much, you can see why I was so excited that they worked with Anthropologie, which is one of my favorite places to shop! On the back of the catalogue, Anthropologie writes a bit about the issue. Since it's too hard to read the image, here's what it says "Music, Tradition, Craft - Hatch Show Print embraces each as America's oldest working poster print show. As longtime fans of Hatch's unmistakable style, we couldn't think of a more fitting partner for our music-themed issue. After visiting the Hatch studio in Nashville, out admiration for them deepened. With walls covered in one-of-a-kind posters and shelves filled with hand carved letters and images, the atmosphere at Hatch bursts with energy and creativity. When we first embarked upon this journey we never imagined we would find a kindred spirit. Working with Hatch has been truly inspiring, and we're thrilled to share our collaboration with you."

Here are a few more pages from a catalogue, but it's definitely worth checking out the entire thing HERE.
Photo Credits: Anthropologie, Ryman, Hatch Show Prints

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  1. I loved this catalog, too. Definitely one of their best. I want to get my hands on that Wilco poster. And the Willie Nelson one.