June 18, 2009

McAlpine Booth and Ferrier

I had come across this picture on a blog at some point and I had to save it because I just thought the elements of the design were so intriguing. I'm in love with the beam pattern on the ceiling, the white walls and the wood floor, but I was also struck by the table choice - how unique!

So now I've finally gotten around to researching the team behind this design --- McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier.
It's an interiors firm with offices located in Nashville and Atlanta and I've learned that they do some grand interiors. I actually had to look up "classical architecture vocabulary" before I remembered that the triangular thing over that door is a pediment. But I do love the height of the windows in this space and the beautiful floors. There are certain elements that I love about this table and chandelier set up, but since I've become more modern in style, I feel a little overwhelmed by all of then wall detailing here. Their website includes many more photos of some of their fancy homes, which I am just shocked are located in the south and are NOT part of some castle in Europe! I love all of the white in here mixed with the dark and antique woods.Do I even need to tell you what I'm loving about this space (windows obviously!) It's so not my style, but I just thought this sink was beautiful. The firm also has a talent for the other side of the spectrum --- rustic lake houses. I just thought this space was so neat, it's kind of hard to tell where the building ends and the outside begins.

I also learned that McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier were in the March issue of "Garden and Gun" magazine --- yes "Garden and Gun" does anyone else think that that's a highly bizarre title??

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