June 10, 2009

We Wear Pink On Wednesdays

OMG I almost missed pink wednesdays! I had thought I had this all set to post this morning and I just realized it didn't!! I can only imagine the lunch table drama with Gretchen Weiners had I not noticed!

Anyways, I just love pink Wednesdays and I DIE over this sink!!! I think it's the most fabulous thing ever! But really, even if pink isn't your favorite color, what a novel concept. I LOVE the idea of having color in the sink surrounded by pretty white counters!

Photo Credits: MCM2 via Right Bank

1 comment:

  1. This is fabulous! Lord help me if I ever make enough money to put in pink kitchen accents...because the sink wouldn't be the only thing. I'd probably end up with something very similar to Barbie's dream house.