June 29, 2009

Can I please have this Soho loft!?!?!

I'm so in love with these pics of this apartment! It's located in the heart of Soho (the best neighborhood to live and shop in NYC!) and it's huge!!I love that white chesterfield couch!! And the mirror wall is a really cool way to add more light and make the space feel even larger than its already very roomy footprint.
Look at all of those windows!! I'm loving the look of the vintage posters too!This is my favorite style kitchen these days -- white kitchens with dark floors. I love the sheep skin rugs and leather chairs in this master --- again I'm so envious of those windows! And here's the seating area for this huge bedroom!!
Pretty chandeliers!
I love the grey walls in this pretty bath!
Photo Credits: ABCD Design via Desire to Inspire


  1. I'll take that apartment anyday- how beautiful!!

  2. That kitchen is breathtaking!

  3. I love it- those huge windows in the bedroom are amazing, all that natural light!

  4. Wow, fantastic loft!! Especially like the chandeliers, the mirrored wall, and the white tufted sofa.

    Thanks for checking out my tassel post -- LOVE Hint of Lime Tostitos!! And pretty much anything limey, really :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. Great living room! So fun.

    cristin at simplified bee

  6. Gorgeous. I think I'll move in too!