May 18, 2009

W made me do it!

I've been craving a nice cocktail ring... so I was THRILLED when I opened up the May W Magazine and found these gorgeous things on the pageThe magazine writes "Just in time for summer, fine jewelers have conjured an array of show stoppers to complement sun-kissed skin." Now, if I don't get one, my sun-kissed skin will just look plain!

Most of the beauties above are a bit out of my price range...
Clockwise from far left: Tous's 18k yellow gold and walnut wood :$357; Nicole Khristine's 18k rose gold, sunstone, garnet and topaz:$4,840; Cinta by John Hardy's 18k green gold, moonstone, sphene, peridot, tsavorite, and diamond: $18,000; Di Modolo's 18k rose gold, tourmaline and green diamond: $24,000; Ippolita's 18k green gold and green amethyst:$2,900; Bulgari's 18k yellow gold tourmaline and diamond ring:price available upon request.

I was quite intrigued by the first one since it's made of wood - how fun! But it looks like it's sold out since the issue hit...

But it's ok, because I really prefer shiny things and look at all of these lovelies that I found!!!
Urban Outfitters $19.99Anthropologie $88Forever 21 $5.80 - I was really excited what they had to offer online (I sometimes get overwhelmed in their stores) - there are a TON of styles and colors - all under $6
Anthropologie $138Forever 21 $4.80Anthropologie $158Forever 21 $4.80Anthropologie $128Forever 21 $4.80Anthropologie $128Forever 21 $4.80
Anthropolgie $98 - I think this starfish is so cute! They also had a bunch of other animals too!Forever 21 $4.80Forever 21 $5.80
J.Crew $50
J.Crew $65
Oooh so many to choose from, I have to get one... or 5!


  1. Funny, I've never worn rings apart from the wedding/engagement combo. But these are very pretty and great fun. I like the starfish very much but would probably start with a cheaper option!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Speaking of cocktail rings, I've been loving them too! I never used to wear them, but I now have been collecting them and wearing them on my right forefinger. They're so much fun and your collection on today's post are all gorgeous!

  3. Lovely rings, I think I'd better start out with a cheapie as I tend lose should see how many pairs of sunglasses I've gone thru.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.......have a super day.

  4. Wow... which ones to choose!!

    Thanks for showing so many gorgeous ones to pick from ~~ Have a great week!

    xo Laura

  5. What a lovely ring parade!! I love it.

  6. if you love big groovy rings? come check out my giveaway, a few more days left to enter;-)