May 28, 2009

I'm Distressed!

I'll be the first to admit that I have no business blogging about denim... I don't even like pants in general (I'm all about skirts and dresses). So, I've never bought designer jeans, skinny jeans or dark rinse jeans...literally I own 1 pair of jeans and they are over 6 years old! It's insane, I know!

But, I've had my eye on this destroyed denim trend for awhile and I've loved it. I think it was this weekend's trip to Bergdorfs and a blurb in NY Mag that pushed the needle from "I love it" to "I need to have a pair RIGHT NOW!"

So here are some of the pairs that I'm loving
True Religion Jordan Boyfriend Jean at Saks $246
J.Crew's Distressed Vintage Slim in Antique Wash $148 - I just love them rolled at the hem and styled with cute shoes!!Abercrombie's Erin Skinny Destroyed $89.50
Madewell's Ex-Boyfriend Jean in Marble Wash $200 -- These are really cute if you like them slouchy!Abercrombie's Erin Skinny Destroyed in Superlight Destroyed $89.50
American Eagle's Boy Fit Jean $49.50 -it's not my most favorite of all of the washes, but I think the price tag is a good intro to get me back into jeans buying!

American Eagle's Boy Fit Jean in in Super Bleach $49.50. I like these as a lighter option.

The other trend going on in denim right now is shorts!!! So if I said I don't like pants, I LOATHE shorts, literally I haven't worn shorts in over 10 years with the exception of gym clothes. So I will not be running out to by a pair of jorts anytime soon, but I do think the trend is kind of cute if you are able to pull it off!
Madewell's Worn and Torn Midi Shorts in Thunderstorm Wash $82
Abercrombie's Greta Shorts $60


  1. I never thought I'd purchase torn up denim, but I've fully fallen for the trend and am wearing a pair even as I type!! I especially love the Abercrombie shorts you found too!

  2. Woo hoo - ripped jeans are back in again! My favorite ones are long gone, but I'm working on new ones, just give me time, pretty soon they'll rip!

  3. i have that exact J Crew outfit - the rolled up vintage jeans and the sparkle top! it's my favorite look!!