May 20, 2009

Amanda Nisbet Design

Now that it's summer I'm really ready for some color! I'm totally loving Amanda Nisbet's designs! Shown here, Amanda is a New York designer known for her bold use of color. How cute is the pink and orange toile behind her and I LOVE that pink chair. She balances function and style, Classicism and Modernism. Amanda understands the demands that family life can put on a space-- I bet that corduroy couch is sooo comfortable. And this porch is a full on outdoor living room. What a fabulous space to relax. I've been resistant to this trendy color, but I LOVE how she uses lavender here. It's just the right color and balanced with the different shades. Confirmed Amanda Nisbet is an expert with color --- I LOVE how she uses it in this room! All of the patterns, colors and textures compliment each other so nicely! I'm loving the light fixtures!
fun stripes!
I like the headboard. How funny is the tree on the wall?

I'm liking the wall paper in this bathroom.
I adore the chandelier in here!

A nice, serene bedroom

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  1. I never would have thought of corduroy for an outdoor room fabric, but I love it. I also agree with you that orange and pink wallpaper in the first picture is fantabulous!