May 11, 2009

Not so much a shopping weekend...

Sadly, my weekend of shopping Design on a Dime and Domino tag sale was a bit of a bust. I guess the shopping gods were trying to keep my bank account in check...

What I now know for next year is that you HAVE to go to the first night of the Design on a Dime benefit. The vignettes are set up for the opening and people shop, taking the pieces with them. By the time I got there on Saturday, the place was all sold out! YAY for Housing Works, but sad for me!

The highlight of the event ended up being a sighting of Alex and Simon of the Housewives of NYC.
Shown here in their newly renovated living room... Perhaps they were shopping for items to tone down the color scheme.

So, I'll have to settle with sharing other's pictures of the event... Does this wallpaper look familiar!? Had I known it came in pink, I would have shown it in Friday's post too! I love Elizabeth Bauer Design's room.. white furniture, a little pink and green is right up my alley! I stopped by her store this weekend in the West Village and it's truly gorgeous! I love the dark walls that Flair used --- kind of a navy with a bit of grey... Nice and sophisticated. Flair is another store I need to stop by... I read about them months ago in Elle Decor.. and it's just embarrassing that I haven't found the time to visit yet!! This is a cute vignette by Jack Levy Design... a little random but what can I say, I'm drawn to grey curtains and furry benches. Real Simple did a nice job.. of course I love the white furniture and look how many people used wallpaper as part of their designs!This gold mantel presented by Nathan Egan Interiors was one of the only things I actually got to see in person. It's pretty awesome, but I guess it doesn't go with just anyone's decor. I love the charcoal wall color in this room done by Design by Joshua. The fur rug compliments the modern furniture by giving it some warmth. Jaclyn Smith had a large area including this bedding section and the seating arrangement in the below picture. I really like her white bedding and headboard.Jaclyn Smith Luis Caicedo Kim Hull Interiors - I'm digging the cow hide chair!John Bartlett and John EtsyCalypso utilized lilac walls in their room. It's a popular color right now, but just not my personal favorite. I love the giraffe print chair though! And I stopped by their store on Lafayette this weekend and there is this wild animal hide rug with silver spots -- love it!TW Black IncDe La Torre Design Studio Jeffrey DiGangi Design Jeffrey DiGangi Design Foley & Cox Hable Construction Craft RoomsAlex Bandon & Amy Hughes for This Old HouseLaura Bohn Design Associates

Country Living
Ty Pennington I love the silver tree stumps that Nest used in their design. I wonder if I could make some myself... Steven Sclaroff I read that when Bob Richter was young, he would come home from school and redecorate his mom's house while she was still at work. I do that to my parents house now! I wonder if it caused arguments with his family as it seems to do in my house...Charlotte Moss & Co Housing Works Design Team Cafiero Select
When I saw that Nickelodeon was listed as one of the participants, I was a little confused... and was anticipating green slime or something! But I think they did a nice job - certainly bright and fun and I am a fan of the overhead light fixture that they used. Huniford Design Studio. It's totally weird, but I am going through a phase where I love rustic wood tables like the coffee table here... Lime and lavender was a popular color scheme. Mark Stephen Design used these colors in his room here, as did Country Living and Bob Richter whose photos were show above.
Franck Hodelin Harry Cushing, INC
Oh, and I also missed the boat on the Domino sale... it was pretty wiped out by the time I got there... and word is that there was a line halfway down the block at some points during the day...

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