May 26, 2009

It's a rough day

The recovery from a 3 day weekend is always kind of difficult. That additional day gets me thinking that it's a full time vacay... and unfortunately, it's not. Back to reality.

So I'm hoping you can support me in my day of random. There's no theme, no main idea, just a bunch of images I love.
I really want one of these hammock things! A skylight like this would be nice too! I'm loving both the circular carpet AND the ceiling detail. I really hope my future children can be as well dressed as this child. I mean HONESTLY! Is she not the cutest thing ever?!
I'm obsessed with the preppy girlyness of this TV room.
and I LOVE the grey of this room. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hope you all had an amazing long weekend and are having a better time adjusting to the work week!!

Photo Credits: Henry Hall Designs, Design Ties, Sweet Nothings, Tom Sheerer, Molly Skok, House Beautiful.


  1. Yes, the 3 day weekend makes Tuesday very tough! I'm feeling guilt for skipping my lunchtime fitness class too.
    I would love to curl up on that sofa on a wet day and listen to the rain on the roof!

  2. totally kidnapping the chanel baby, she needs to visit her aunt Leticia at gals...
    2 cute!