May 29, 2009

Malcolm Davis Architecture

I'm loving Malcolm Davis! He's an architect based in San Francisco and his spaces are beautiful! I'm drawn to the way he uses natural light and makes a connection between interior and exterior spaces. This dining room is in his own home, which is a Victorian built in 1905. When he purchased the home, his friends all thought he was crazy --the building was a mess, having undergone several disasterous renovations over the century. But wow, he succeeded in finally giving this home a proper renovation. Can you believe the height of the windows in this space?
I love the steel casement door!
I'm also drawn to Davis's bathroom designs. They have a bold, masculine feel to them. And even in the loo, he encourages natural light. But of course, includes frosted glass for privacy when neccessary! I love the dark, oversized tiles in this bathroom. This space is also part of his Victorian home, where he eliminated flat ceilings and opened up the space to the roofline. I just can't say it enough - I'm obsessed with all of the light!I also love the texture created from his frequent use of paneled walls! Isn't this an amazing before & after?I thought this space was so cute too. It's part of a project that won several awards for its use of green design. Such a great way to take advantage of a small space. OMG I want to be there right now!! The floor tile is beautiful, the fireplace - stunning!These 2 pictures above are part of a renovation that was neccessary after a devastating fire. Because the client had lost most of her belongings in the fire, storage wasn't a top priority for her. She just wanted a sense of openness.

He's also the architect for the Stable Cafe that I wrote about earlier -- click here to see it!

Photo Credits: Malcolm Davis Architecture

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  1. Great work, truly stunning!

  2. Nice use of windows! Everything's open and very square....what I would want if I had another home!!

  3. Wow -- I absolutely LOVE all those windows!! I'd love to live in a house like that, with lots of windows and light and openness. Opening up the ceiling was a great idea -- even more light!!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures -- some of them are going to make their way into my inspiration folder :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. i love this post .
    it is a great companion to mine today !

  5. I am hooked on the how he wrapped the windows around the corner to take full advantage of the bedroom view! Beautiful work...


  6. Love the spare bones of his architecture

  7. Gorgeous! However...I guess I need it explained to me why somebody would buy a Victorian house just to completely change it....Why not start from scratch?

  8. All that light is very hard to resist. Isn't it strange how something that can have such a positive, uplifting effect on us, is free for everyone to enjoy? It's just that most of us have to go outside to get our fix!

  9. Ahhhh. Now that was just plain, Ahhh!

    Loved the windows and doors...and that door in the shower...fab! Maybe not efficient...but LOVED it! Great collection of images you gathered. Thanks!!

  10. Two words: Steel doors!
    Nothing better.


  11. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog. You have some wonderful photos and ideas here, and this post in particular is so appealing. I could live in this home. I love the indoor to outdoor transition.

  12. I love the little bunk bed in the corner. I would have loved that as a kid.

  13. I also love that open airy floor plan! The view is very nice too.