May 5, 2009


I've always loved using trunks as a coffee table and in fact I used one for my very first design project ever... my 8th grade bedroom - which I thought needed a coffee table like this for the seating area.I loved it!
And it seems like a lot of people are using trunks to decorate these days..
These Louis Vuitton trunks, shown in House Beautiful are beyond!
And this is just one of many styles that Pottery Barn is selling right now.

So I've been seeing a bunch of trunks around and a lot of them look pretty much the same but I walked into Restoration Hardware last week and they had 2 that were pretty cool.
This one, the Extra Large Mayfair Steamer Trunk really caught my eye because it's SOO big! With dimensions of 59x39x16, I fell in love with the fact that it's so oversized. It takes the trunk idea and makes it unique.
It comes in this brushed steel finish too. And I HATE that Restoration Hardware doesn't show everything in a room setting, because this pic looks pretty boring, but the trunk really does make a big impact once in a room! Another fun feature of the trunk is that there are drawers on either end that can be used for storage. And while we're talking about trunk-like things at Restoration Hardware, I also thought this chest was pretty cool!

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