May 21, 2009

Should I move to Cali for this?

I guess I could go for a just vacay, but I came across pictures of Stable Cafe in San Francisco, and now I really want to go see it. And by see it, I mean hang out and drink my coffee there every day.
As it's name suggests, the building was once an old stable. Architect Malcolm Davis is responsible for the fabulous transformation. His work is amazing - it's just a blog post waiting to happen.... Anyways, he was blessed here with such a unique work space.Those windows! All of that light! I DIE over the unfinished wood ceiling and walls. The table here is made from repurposed wood from a bowling alley... and if you think it's as neat as I do, you can rent out this room for meetings and events. I'm in love with the ceiling here too!

There's art space too!
It has received excellent reviews! The people, the food, the atmosphere -- all great! And apparently it also has a great "pressed yerba mate" -- what is that? It seems that everyone in S.F is familiar with the term - I better catch up on my lingo before I go visit!

And apparently they have a chocolate peppermint cookie there that tastes just like Thin Mints! OMG!

Photo Credits: Remodelista,

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