May 19, 2009

Summer Reading

Have you picked out any good beach reads for the long weekend? Hopefully you have bookshelves as gorgeous as these to choose from!

How fun is all of the color in this library!?
I love how the rows of color are arranged here, and what a great space - the arched brick ceiling is awesome. And the best part, is that this bookshelf is located in a bar! 675 Bar in NYC.

My favorite part of this one is the stacks of books on the first shelf. I like how they give a break from the vertical books on the above 3 shelves. Have too many book shelves? Just add a painting to the wall to break it up!
Random yes, but I enjoy the texture and and pattern that the stacked logs give this wall. The brick wall with wood shelves is a nice focal point for this space.

These hanging shelves are pretty fun!
How cute is this loft area? Any might I add, beautiful ceilings!

Photo Credits: Chodta, NY Times, So Haute, Design Sponge, Flickr, Nicolas Matheus,I Suwanee, Southern Accents


  1. I LOVE WHEN BOOKS ARE ARRANGED BY THE COLOR OF THE SPINE! thanks so much for your comment!

  2. The loft area book display is really beautiful. I think I stand more chance, though, of being able to copy the big letters used as bookends - that's a fun look and very effective.