August 24, 2009

2010 Ikea Catalog!

I don't know if anyone is quite this nerdy... but I just got back to my apartment from being away for the weekend to find the 2010 Ikea catalog... and let me just say, it was heaven! I spent 2 hours going page by page, turning corners down and using my blue highlighter to mark all of the items I love!I know that not everyone is such a fan of the mass production, but the company has made an effort to lower prices since last year as well as introduce new and exciting product. I'm also a firm believer of mixing high and low and that you can make basically anything feel unique if accessorized properly.

A several months ago, Ikea sent out a survey to its email list asking for suggestions. I went into LENGTHY detail; having worked in retail, I think it's important to nicely voice constructive criticism, because without feedback how else will they know how to fix the issues!? I was so excited to find in this catalog that Ikea really listened. My biggest complaint was that while I loved the product in general, when they ran promotions, it was always on the product that I found the least interesting. I'd get the promo email, get excited and then get annoyed that nothing on sale was remotely special. My suggestion was to pick product that was more popular because if I saw that, I'd be more likely to run to my nearest Ikea that weekend. Remember this design board from a post I did in April? If not, check it out here. Anyways, I was so excited to find out that both the couch, coffee table, and square side tables were part of Ikea's new lower pricing strategy!

So rather than lowering the prices on items that I would never buy anyways, their price cutting included my 3 loves:

Karlstad Sofa - was $499, now $399
Lack side table - was $12.99, now $7.99
Lack coffee table - was $29.99, now $19.99

Other new loves from this catalog:
Dvala full/queen duvet cover set - $19.99 for a duvet and 2 shams -- it's cotton, just plain white - but for a price like this - I could dye it a beautiful grey, or get it monogrammed and still wouldn't feel bad when I would inevitably want to redecorate in 2 years. Koldby Cowhide Rug $249 - you know how I have been loving these!

Ludde sheep skin rug -$39.99 it looks a little funny in this pic, but it looks normal in the catalog picture!

And this isn't just nearly all - I suggest getting your own copy of the catalog and go to town!!

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  1. Maybe for a wedding present you can give Me and Tom a free consultation session with you once you become a sought after interior designer :)