August 4, 2009

Hillhaven Lodge

I was going through some of my old magazines and noticed that I missed this beauty, Hillhaven Lodge, in the March issue of Elle Decor. It's now the home of Brett Ratner, the director of the Rush Hour movies. It's no surprise that this house is one of the most famous in Hollywood. Built in 1927 as the entertainment quarters of the Hoover Dam architect Gordon Kaufmann, the property was later owned by Ingrid Bergman. Subsequent residents included director Richard Quine, James Caan, and Allan Carr, the producer of Grease. When Ratner bought the property, it needed a little love. A previous tenant had turned the living room into a basket ball court, while Carr, the most recent owner believed in spending money on parties, but not fixing houses. I think Ratner has done an amazing job restoring the glory of this structure! I am so drawn to the wooden beams on the ceiling and the white planks on the walls. The floors are stunning too! Ratner insists that guests leave their shoes at the door to preserve their beauty! I'm loving the look of unhung pictures. There's something to that sense of un-done or unexpected that I like about them sitting on the floor. Isn't this room stunning!? The stone work is just beautiful! I'm loving those worn leather chairs! When renovating, Ratner's interior decorator, Waldo Fernandez felt that "it was all about making the best of what was here rather than knocking everything down and starting over." Working with the existing structures really gives it a sense of that rustic-chic look that I love! While restoring the basement disco that Allan Carr had first designed as a symbol of Hollywood glam, across the rest of the house it feels really masculine and eclectic.
I know I say this a hundred times --- but I love dark floors, white walls, and steel casement windows. And the beams are gorgeous too.
It's so cute from the outside too. It actually has 5 bedrooms, but I love that it doesn't feel so oversized. I should have known that Brett would have great decorating taste since I know him so well - ok the truth is we once at at the same restaurant, so we're practically best friends!

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  1. i love the house. i do not like people that make their guests take of their shoes when they walk in the door.