August 25, 2009

Philly Visit!

My friend Kim just moved to Philly, so I went down to visit for the past few days. She hadn't started her new job there yet, so we were able to spend 4 days walking around the city, exploring and finding fabulous restaurants, bars and shopping. It was so much fun!One of our shopping finds was Matthew Izzo, which is located on North 3rd Street. The street is a fabulous place to shop, boasting a bunch of boutiques and art galleries. Matthew is shown above in the store which houses apparel and accessories on the first floor and furniture on the second.

The website doesn't include quite everything in the store - so I feel as though I must describe some of the jewelry that I fell in love with! There was a really fabulous natural and champagne jewel bib necklace that was really a steal at $46. At the time, I thought that I could try to replicate it at home myself, but really I just should have bought it! There were also a bunch of gorgeous jewel bracelets that really have that vintage vibe that I'm loving so much right now! We almost didn't see the stairs in the far back corner of the store that led up to the furniture show room. Thank god we found them because it's really quite wonderful. They have such a wide variety of vintage and new pieces. It's really such a great space. I also thought that the prices weren't bad either. It's certainly not cheap, but I felt that there was a lot in the $200-$300 range and not just small accessories, but like tables or a chair in that price bracket. One of my favorite furniture finds was an old drafting table. It was big enough that you could use it as a dining table. Perfect for me - had all of the character of being used for over 50 years and reminded me of my fun drafting classes that I took in high school. The next time you are in Philly you should really check this place out.

Photo Credits: Flickr (Go, Nogoodnik, and City Life Philadelphia)

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