August 6, 2009

White Inspiration

Did you see this gorgeous house in the June Elle Decor? If not, I wanted to make sure you didn't miss out! It's the Hampton's home of Rita Norona Schrager, a former New York City Ballet Dancer. She says that she fell in love with the property because its colonial style feels more like Connecticut rather than the majority of the shingled homes in the Hamptons. Inspired by the Delano Hotel in Miami, Rita instructed her interior designer Hernan Arriaga that she wanted an all white color scheme. The mirror, which is an antique, is gorgeous!I'm loving the fireplace seating area. Fab chairs.The homes previous owner, Greg Yale is a noted designer. So when Rita moved in, the house had already been equipped with beautifully updated kitchen and baths and a simplified open floorplan. The dining table is a 19th century wine tasting table. I think that's all the encouragement I would need to have a glass or two at dinner! It looks nice here, but it personally drives me nuts when mixing sheep skin with white linens, the sheep skin ends up looking so yellow by contrast.... Of course it would be totally weird and fake looking if it didn't have a natural off-white hue... but it still bugs me!I'm loving the rug in here!In the library the all white rules were broken. The walls are covered with hand-appliqued tobacco leaves. I just love the effect - the texture and variation in color is fabulous! I'm digging the antler chandelier too! The house comes along with a gorgeous pool... and play house containing desks, a daybed and flat screen TV. I'd be happy with just the play house!!

For the inspiration behind it all, here are a few pics of the Delano Hotel located in Miami.
So pretty! It's no wonder Rita was inspired by it!

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  1. loving that antique mirror about the fireplace!


  2. What a beautiful house. Dazzling color scheme. I'd be afraid I'd spill coffee somewhere! Tobacco leaves on the wall? That's a unique idea and a lovely color.

  3. Love that little play house.

  4. Cute blog...Where have you been hiding??


  5. Great playhouse and poolside seating.

    What am I is all wonderful!

    Thanks for the tour.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  6. VERY clean looking! PRETTY! Soooo NOT moi... I LOVE colour!!!

  7. Love white, my office is white with a natural wood floor and accents zebra, and my foyer in my home is also white. White feels modern, clean, and allows other things to speak in the room. Loved your photos, and I love the hide rug in the bathroom too! I do think it might smell a bit funny when wet!