August 13, 2009

Design Surprise

Are you ever completely surprised after seeing the inside of a home?Here's the exterior and it's cute, definitely nice looking. I actually love the dark wood finish of the garage doors that shows all of that wood texture, but beyond that, I guess I didn't think all that much about it. So when I saw the pictures of this library and music room, I was floored by how bright it is. I'm loving the amazingly high ceiling, the clerestory window and just all of the light! I guess I didn't expect that such a big, bright space might be hiding inside that house!The living room too has windows just about everywhere!And so many gorgeous details - check out that ceiling. The hallway and fireplace are stunning. The wood of the doors and floors - wow!Such a nice clean kitchen. I always love the combo of white cabinets and marble. The details are so much to my liking!I just didn't imagine it would feel so spacious or have sooo many windows! Such a nice surprise!

Photo Credits: Traditional Home Nov 2007


  1. Lovely home. My suspicion is, the style of the house (from the outside) is one that we normally associate with smaller overall scale and smaller rooms inside.
    Whereas, the music room is a really large space, which made sense when I revisited the exterior photo and saw how many vertical feet it accounts for.
    My guess is, the total cubic feet of this place is huge!

  2. ummm. *dies* this looks like my dream home.

    i think it's incredible outside and looks huge, but that's just me ;)

    i'm always afraid of new construction, though, that they've cut corners...