August 11, 2009


Sorry about the delay in posts, our Internet has been out and I've been a little under the weather, so trekking around town to find free wireless hasn't been in the cards!
I had a bunch of fab friends in town this weekend and lets face it, I just can't party like I used to! It's either that or germs I picked up while riding the subway! Ewww! But we had a ton of shopping to do and so little time!

While they were here, I took everyone to see the J Crew collection store on Madison Ave and 79th street. The store is gorgeous every time I go!I love not only the clothes they carry, but it's also so beautifully decorated. I'm loving the floors in this picture above. Compared to the company's regular stores, 1035 Madison sells a wider assortment of high end goods such as cashmere, jewelry, shoes and evening dresses. And just like the apparel, the interiors have a more elevated feeling. The light fixture is gorgeous!Less product and the ability to show if off more easily gives the space a high end boutique vibe. I drool over the jewelry!And it has one of the prettiest and cleanest bathrooms around town!
Some of my favorite shopping finds there are:The Primrose Brynn Dress.I'm dying over ALLL of the new jewelry! I couldn't just pick a style or two. They've got that beautiful vintage style that it feels like you're picking them from your grandmother's jewelry box. J Crew has started to sell Barbour jackets! This style is one of their unisex ones... I could have found a picture of a woman modeling it, but this guy is just too cute!
The next time that you're in NYC you really should check out one of their collection stores. It's really cool seeing some of the product that you are familiar with, but it's presented in a whole new way.

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  1. Wow. I am the greatest J.Crew junkie and I cannot believe I've never visited a collection store! Now that's on the weekend to-do list.