July 9, 2009


Today, I'm leaving for Nantucket where I will be vacationing for the next week. I am so so so excited! The island is really my most favorite place.

In trying to will my vacation to come sooner, I gathered some pictures by photographers that are based on the island. I just love these shots. Whether you're familiar with Nantucket or not, I think there's something so pleasing about beachy pictures!
I can't wait to see the harbor as we arrive on the ferry!
I'm excited for walking around town -- shopping and dining..

Biking around the island and seeing all of the sights...

And of course, heading to the beach!

Photo Credits: Jeff Allen images 1&9, Terry Pommett 2&20, Cary Hazlegrove 3,6,16-17,19,22 Nickleen via Flickr 4-5 7, Van Lieu 8, Dan Driscoll 10-15, 18, 21.

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  1. I hope you will post your own photos after your vacation. These are lovely.

  2. It's one of my favorite places too. Have a fabulous vacation!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I have been on Nantucket in the winter. I loved it, have posted about it..., and want to go back some day.

  4. Just beautiful. We made it to Cape Cod before kids, but never to the islands.

    Have a wonderful holiday, and greetings from N Ireland.

  5. Have a wonderful time. I love the photo w/ the red chair!

  6. Gorgeous! I've never been to Nantucket...I can see why it's a popular spot!