July 13, 2009

It's time for Sale Shopping!!

I just walked into a J.Crew store the other day and I was pleasantly surprised at how big the sale section was! And then I remembered - it's already July! One of the best times to shop because it's mark-down month for apparel retailers as they have to get ready for back to school and fall goods that are arriving in August.... It's great deals and really with the weather and everything I feel like summer has only just begun!These kinds of signs are all over stores and websites now... and there are some really great deals out there!But I always have to remind myself before I head out on sale shopping excursions... No matter how cheap it is, it's still not a deal if you're never going to wear it!

And sometimes I get all wrapped up in the excitement when I find something that I've loved all season that's finally been marked down. But the key here is will I still want this next year? Or even next season!?!

So I keep checking on the latest fall 2009 and spring 2010 trends to see if any new things I find on sale may actually have a life into the next season!
Fall 2009 keeps a muted color palette, mixing neutrals and washed out colors with a few pops of bright neons. Denim is skinny skinny (so skinny that Top Shop had invented a new word: Jeggings (Jeans +Leggings)!! Leggings are in too. Cardigans are long and loose, worn with both dressy and casual. Belts are huge.

Spring 2010 -- it's all about over the top --- it's designers way of saying enough already with this recession. Fabrics are unique and textured, tons of embellishments - beading, sequins etc. Colors are brighter, but neutrals still work as a nice base. More patterns and black. Lots of drapy fabric. Jump suits are still in.
Good luck with any sale shopping!!
Photo Credits: NY Magazine, Style.com, NY Mag, NY Mag, NY Mag.

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