July 23, 2009

Pamplemousse Design

I had come across advice from Delphine Krakoff, an interior designer based in New York that I loved. She advocates incorporating perks of Old World refinement into every day living. Case in point: she suggests monogramming your clothes hangers. "The more pedestrian the item, the more it benefits from being made uniquely yours." Loving that philosophy, I had to find out more about her! She grew up in Paris, which you can see a bit of a French flair in some of her designs designs. Her firm, named Pamplemousse Design, is the french word for grapefruit. And also one of my favorite French words because it seems sounds kind of funny! I'm kind of loving that wild coffee table! A darling nursery!I like the mix of modern sleekness with the more detailed curves of the chairs.
Pretty stuff!


  1. It's all in the details, isn't it? I love the million little picture frames hung in the cluster over the headboard. And I'm obsessed with the zebra skin rug under the kitchen table. Just goes to show, animal prints can (and do!) work everywhere!

    Enjoying your blog. Found you through Jo.


  2. fabulous, has given me a few ideas, thanks for the post!
    btw, check out my blog, just listed some fun new giveaways!

  3. How funny, it's one of my favorite French words, too! Always has been. It makes me think of the Simpsons episode when Lisa ends up at the wrong school and goes to a French class. Oops, off the topic here! It's an excellent name and these rooms are lovely.