March 20, 2009

Get me outside!

Of course its snowing here today in New York... but warm weather HAS to come soon right?!In celebration of the first day of Spring, check out these amazing outdoor spaces! I'd gladly give up my morning routine of watching the Today show if I could start enjoying my coffee on this porch found in Architectural Digest. I love that the wide expanse of the pocket doors lets the house completely open up and merges the interior and exterior spaces. Designed by Howard J. Backen, the house is located in the Napa Valley... so I'm betting that more wine is consumed on this porch than coffee ha!

The southern girl in me loves this plantation style home by John Stefanidis. And this is only the guest house not even the main house!The best outdoor spaces have to have a pool (or at least in my opinion). I love that the lawn continues up to the pool's edge here at actor Rob Lowe's home. What I would do to be in one of those chaises right now! I wonder if Dave Annable (Justin from Brothers & Sisters and previously the love of my life) has ever come over to lounge at the pool!?

I picked this one for the lovely bar. Because who doesn't want a poolside bar!? I love to swim - like really swim - flip turns, one-piece swim suit.. the whole nine-yards! But so many backyard pools are just too small to get a good work-out, or if they are actually big enough, they just seem massive and out of place. But I love this one - they did such a great job at fitting in a full lap but it still fits so nicely in this space. (These above 2 pools are in Better Homes and Garden).

Happy Spring!


  1. I love outdoor spaces and I agree a pool does make it a bit more inviting.

    Have a happy day


  2. I love that Napa Valley porch, wish I was there now....Thanks for Sharing!