March 23, 2009

A Plastic Tan Never Fades

I thought it was SO bizarre that the Mattel website clarifed more than once that Babie was just a doll and in fact not a real person. But I've gotten quite excited and perhaps overly involved in her life over the past few days that I can see how you might forget that she's not actually real.

I just learned that Barbie has a runway show at Fashion Week last month. Why did the Today Show not inform me of this!?!? 50 designers showcased their real-sized designs. I loved seeing how each designer infused their personal style into their design.

Each of the models wore these Barbie Pink Christian Louboutins below.

This picture with Heidi Klum was taken at Barbie's 50th Birthday celebration in the shoe closet of her Malibu Dream House.

My favorite designs from the show were by Jeremy Scott, Bagley Mischka and Tommy Hilfiger.
I'll be honest, for the past year now, I have thought the jumpsuit trend is just terrible. I didn't get it, I didn't understand who could wear it, or WHY anyone would want to. But when I saw this one by Jeremy Scott come down the runway I was floored! I just love it! You still won't see me wearing anything like this any time soon.. but now I totally get how fabulous a jumpsuit can be!

I'm also a fan of this dress by Bagley Mischka. I was drawn to the pale pink ground color with silver accents. The glare on the belt in this picture makes it look a little bit harsh, but trust me in the video of the runway show its stunning! I also thought this dress was a lot of fun by Tommy Hilfiger. There should probably be a bit more coverage over the chest, but I love a dress with movement!

I highly recommend watching the whole show if anyone has a lot of time! Its about 40 minutes long and can't be downloaded, but you can find it here if you are interested!

And if you don't have quite so much time you can watch just the finale here!

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