February 10, 2010

You had me at The Treehouse

I've started dating a great guy here and in one of our early conversations he shared with me this amazing company, Reclamation By Design. Now, I don't often watch videos on the computer, but he recommended that I watch their Tree House video.

I was floored! I'd been loving the look of recycled building materials - all the wear adds so much character!! But this home is just so far above and beyond what I could have imagined. You  have to watch the entire video - it's awesome, I mean it's basically what made me fall for my boyfriend! ha ha
Here are a few pics of the house, but really they don't do it justice like the video does.
The doors leading into the library are handmade chestnut originally located in a 19th century New England goverment building
I just die over the ceiling in this kitchen.  I really wanted to add beams in my living room renovation, but just decided it wasn't really going to work in my 80's contempo space. (Hilton Head unfortunately had a big hit of development in the 80's so rather than gorgeous low country architecture, we're kind of stuck with a bit of a mess.)
Budget restrictions prevented me from having salvaged wood floors or beams on the ceilings, but I am going to have a beam for the mantel.  Reclamation By Design not only designs homes but they also sell reclaimed materials, so I'm very excited to check out what they have.  I love the piece they used above the fireplace in the tree house.
This picture is not from the tree house, but I just wanted to share it as my inspiration for my fireplace.  We ended up going with a limestone instead of concrete, but you can get the idea. I can't wait til it's complete!


  1. oooh love all of that gorgeous old wood. i'm not so into beams or wood ceilings, myself. but reclaimed= awesome, and that library is to die for, as is the exterior.

  2. love your pics! hope you girls had a great weekend , I'm sad I had to miss out. Enjoy missing the snow we're supposed to get yet again this week