February 22, 2010

My amazing Palmetto Bluff adventure

On Martin Luther King Day, I found myself with a little extra free time.  The granite place that I had planned to visit with my Dad was closed for the holiday and the weather was just beyond beautiful.

We had driven past the sign for Palmetto Bluff, which has a fairly non-descript entrance from the main road.  I thought I remembered it being the location of the Tree House, but being new to the area and with the South Carolinian's over-use of the word "palmetto", I was no longer sure if this was the site for the Tree House or just one of the many developments down here.
We decided to chance it and I'm so glad we did!!! It ended up being the best afternoon!  The drive in is about a 4 mile long path between overhanging trees covered in spanish moss.  You pass a bridge overlooking the marsh and it's truly breath taking and immeadiately relaxing.
Although it's new construction, the architecture is done in true lowcountry style down to the gas lantern street lights and pavers on the road.  Pictured here is Buffalo's restaurant where I enjoyed a lunch of fried green tomatoes, roasted portabella flatbread and a chocolate chip cookie. I'm salivating just thinking about it, but besides the menu, the setting is just fantastic with fireplaces inside and a beautiful patio overlooking the water.
These are the awesome water views I'm talking about!!! And these are just the pictures that I took myself.. It's even more beautiful when you check out the photos done by the professionals.
The restaurant also looks over to this adorable chapel.  I could barely contain myself during lunch as I was declaring " Dad, THIS is where I want to get married!!!"
Isn't it just so cute?!!? I had always thought I'd end up getting married on Nantucket, but that's what's so great about this place, it really feels like the "Nantucket of the South." Beautiful with the historic charm, but with better weather and easier to get to!
Here's the adorable inside!! It will have to be a small wedding, but when my brother came to visit, he and I were already calculating how many people we can cram in a pew. (And amazingly I have not scared off the boyfriend yet with this wedding talk haha!)
But  don't worry, while I've started to pick up the southern use of"y'all,"  I'm still in the NYC dating mentality and in no rush to go down the aisle -- ALTHOUGH, The Inn at Palmetto Bluff  was just voted #1 Resort in the US by Travel and Leisure which I'm nervous will eventually lead to higher prices and limited availability as it becomes increasingly well known. I'm simply in love with this firepit/adirondack chair/palm trees combination.
The site once housed the Wilson mansion which was built in 1902 for a wealthy New York banker.  The structure burned down in 1926, but the stone stairs and columns remain.  I just find the ruins fascinating! There's just something about aged material and that connection to the past that I love.
As you can tell I'm kind of obsessed and I'm certain that I'll share more pictures of Palmetto Bluff in the future since I make sure to go there at least every time we have guests in town!! Above is a picture of some shops and I haven't even been into them yet, I still have so much to discover there!

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