February 2, 2010

It's grey and rainy outside and raining coffee on my grey walls inside

I'm trying to keep the blog from becoming a running list of my living through a renovation complaints...  
But I'm really wondering, what interior design god did I offend today that had me trip on the edge of the torn up flooring and spill my coffee all over my freshly painted bedroom wall???

I'll be completely honest though, I haven't fallen in love with the grey that I picked for the walls... (Sherwin Williams Grey Screen SW7071).
It's way too lavender.... is this a sign that I should repaint in a new shade!?


  1. I used Ralph lauren greys in my bedroom-no complaints.

  2. that's wild- on my monitor it's way blue. i love lavender so i don't know what to tell you :P but if you don't love it, change it, IMO. it's $30 for your peace of mind :D

  3. Undertones will really pop out on a grey day. [Ask me how I know, sigh.] Plus NYC sun is pretty weak this time of year.

    I'm not saying wait until spring to assess, but I'd see how you feel once the sun comes back out. Good luck!

  4. I've don't have any experience with this gray but I've use quite a few BM & SW grays. The best advice I can give is change it now (if you have the time/cash/patience) because if it's something you have to "get used to" or decorate around, you'll always be disappointed! That I DO say from experience! Fun blog, just found you, I'll be back! Marija