February 1, 2010

Shopping Sick

I realized yesterday, that I'm suffering from some shopper's malaise. I'm feeling a bit unfulfilled.  It's not that there aren't some fabulous places, which I've been dying to share with you... It's just that I'm realizing, in NYC, I walked everywhere I went.  Which meant that every single day was at least a window shopping adventure. Unless you consider Home Depot a shopping adventure (which I do not), I'm only getting a good shop in about once a week.

Shopping to me is less about actually spending money and buying things, I mean let's be real, I'm not a Rockefeller. But my thrill with shopping is seeing new objects, trends, colors and finding inspiration.

I also realized, to my shock and horror that it took so long to notice (that's what happens when your house is turned upside down with renovation construction) that I haven't signed up for any catalogs to my new address!!

Of course, straigh off to J.Crew I went and now in 2-3 weeks, I will have my catalog and all will be well again.
I can at least get to a J.Crew outlet store down here, but the one true void in my life --- West Elm. Just going to the website to sign up for the catalog made me swoon.

But now that I have diagnosed my problem, I'm working on ways to fix it! Another contributing factor was that I was missing the blog, but with the house design process there just wasn't the computer time to do it! But I think we're getting there!!

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