October 14, 2009

More D&D Fun!

While attending a discussion at Lorin Marsh, a show room at the D&D Building with an eclectic assortment of contemporary, traditional and transitional styles, I spent a lot of time looking at the art on the walls.It was all for good reason as the program included a panel of experts in the art business (an art advisor, a painter, a interior designer and a gallery owner). Conversation centered around the challenge of finding art for interior design projects. Part of the challenge is that it's often difficult for a client to verbalize what they want. Finding the right piece is more than just finding the correct combination of style and color scheme. It's more often about the reaction, feeling and sentiment that you experience towards it. I really fell in love with these paintings on display by Joseph Ginsberg. I'm drawn to how colorful they are with a distinct use of pink! They feel playful and friendly and I like their modern style. I can see these fitting in perfectly off of my white furniture.
I find that learning about the artist helps a lot in understanding their art. As an art history major, I guess I'm programmed to think this or my 4 years in college might have been a big waste! This last painting I found on Ginsberg's website along with that he likes to create a magical mix of nature and art in his work. He goes beyond interpreting the world by interacting with it; his pieces experience nature's touch when they are rained upon or wind carries items across them. He also likes to use nontraditional materials, having previously used axle grease and motor oil to create art to jolt the senses.

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