October 18, 2009

David Hicks

I've been hearing a lot about David Hicks recently and I figured it was about time that I check him out!I immediately fell for this picture on his website of his country home in Oxfordshire where he designed the crenelated Gothic pavilion and created the surrounding gardens. Born in then English country side, David launched his interior design career in 1954 with the decoration of his own home. He then emerged as one of the most influential designers of his generation. He became well known for his bold use of color and pattern. When he couldn't find the fabrics or carpet he wanted in the market, he began designing his own which were often geometric in pattern. His style is known for seamlessly mixing antiques with contemporary furniture and modern art. How stunning the detail on this table?Some of his designs give away their 70's and 80's time period - but not this one! I love it for it's timeless style.That snake skin table is amazing! I'm loving the bold red of the upholstery too.David frequently used canopies in his bed designs. Some of the patterned fabrics that he chose feel heavy and dated now, but I do love this one.David Hicks' son Ashley has developed new fabrics, carpets, and wall papers inspired from his fathers designs. They are available from Lee Jofa, Stark Carpet and Cole and Son.

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  1. Love the pics, and the use of color and canopies. Too bad the canaopy bed doesn't lend itself to studio apartment life.