October 27, 2009

Flipping Out

I believe I have mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flipping Out. But with the cannot miss reunion episode on at 10 pm tonight, I need to reiterate my obsession with Jeff Lewis and Jenni!Home design combined with the ridiculousness that is Jeff, makes for the best thing on tv! If you've missed any of the episodes this season, run to your DVR - Bravo is replaying episodes from 3-6 today and from 8-10 until the reunion starts.

Coincidentally, I am going out to get pumpkins today, which I am quite excited about!! I've refrained from having them in NYC for fear of attracting critters but yay for spending the weekend in the burbs! I want to do something fun for their design... I was thinking I would try to do Jeff's and Jenni's face on the pumpkins, but for some crazy reason I can't seem to find any "Flipping Out" pumpkin carving templates! I may have to go with this haunted house template - at least it has an architectural theme!
Photo Credits: Bravo and DLTK Kids


  1. i saw it once or twice. is that guy really still trying to delude himself that his collagen-infused, cat-acupuncturing ass is straight??

  2. oh heavens no! He's openly gay! But you're not the first person who's asked me that --- I think the confusion is from the episode where is talks about "dating" and "breaking up" with a woman - but this woman is actually a client and he's refering to how finding the right chemistry with a client can often be as tough as dating.