September 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend - a true dream wedding, with the castle included!

It was in Huntington, NY, at Oheka Castle - which is stunning!
I had all of the best intentions of running around and taking a bunch of photos; I even brought a huge bag instead of a cute clutch so that I could tote around my very large camera, but catching up with friends and drinking martinis sort of interfered with my plans! Our chauffeur drove us up the beautiful, long driveway. The weather was just about perfect!We were dropped off in front where we were greeted by a red carpet. Although of course we wanted to walk around a little and take a few photos. I will say that while cobblestones make for an authentic and beautiful paving stone, it's not so easy on the ladies in heels! Up the grand stair case we went! With additional flowers and candles, it was even prettier on the wedding day!The ceremony was held outside, looking out onto the gardens. With this facade as the back drop to the wedding procession, the girls's already pretty dresses were even more elegant!I actually missed the loggia - there were too many amazing appetizers inside that I never made it out. The formal dining room was where the wedding cake and the dessert bar were served - I'd never seen (or eaten) so many amazing desserts in my life! I never actually found this path - I mean you can only go so far when your heels are aerating the lawn! But it is somewhere on the castle grounds and I kind of liked the pic!Built in 1919 as a summer home, Oheka cost $11 million to construct and was (and still is) the second largest private residence in the United States. After Kahn died in 1934, the property passed through a series of hands, at one point being a retirement home for sanitation workers of NYC (imagine going from picking up trash to living in a castle!) and was later the site for the Eastern Military Academy. By 1985, the building was in almost complete disrepair, with no plumbing, electric, windows or doors. Isn't that just painful to think about!? Fortunately a developer and a non-profit organization began a restoration which is 70% completed.
Photo Credits: Oheka Castle and Elliot Kaufman

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