September 4, 2009

Cliff Walk

Several weeks ago, my parents and I were visiting family in Rhode Island and as we were leaving, my Dad asked if I would like to stop by "Nupert" (like rhymes with Rupert). I sort of paused and was like "If you mean Newport, then yes!"
It's such a cute town. We had been given great advice to go to the Cliff Walk, which I am so glad we followed! The walk was gorgeous with great views of the water and the mansions! I'm not much into being the tourist taking photos. (Living in NYC, tourists are the bane of my existence). But everything was so just so beautiful that I just couldn't help it! All of today's photos were taken by me - but it took me about a month to figure out how to get them onto the blog, so in the mean time, I've forgotten some of the details about the buildings - sorry! But I remember thinking how lucky Salve Regina was to own this mansion. And if I were to have a mansion, I'm really loving this French Chateau style.
This one is also now owned by Salve Regina. How nice it must be to go to college with such beautiful historic buildings!
This one I know is the famous Breakers and I just learned that it was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt. Now if only he could have used his energy to build such gorgeous buildings on the Vanderbilt campus, I could have been as lucky as the Salve Regina kids. As it's name suggests, the Breakers is on a tip of the cliff just where the water breaks. Watch out or you will get splashed! I thought the gate to The Breakers was rather spectacular!This cute little thing is the children's play house at The Breakers.
I was really hoping to get a good look at the ground level of this newer construction neighbor to The Breakers, but unfortunately, these residents actually want some privacy and I couldn't get too close!
Views south from The Breakers
One last house on the walk before we decided to head back.

I took this one as we were driving through town, literally hanging out of the car!
Driving between Bristol and Newport, we kept seeing this building sticking out in the distance. Being 22 stories high, in what is otherwise a rural area, we were so intrigued as to what this could possibly be. How could zoning possibly have allowed it's construction!? It's the Carnegie Abbey Tower and while it may be fine in a city or more developed area, it's just so out of place in Portsmouth. All I can say is that I much prefer the old mansions!

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  1. thats where my best friend Eileen went to college, I loved spending summers with her down there! (of course she rented a tiny 3 bedroom home and shared it with about 10 people each summer.)