September 8, 2009

Philadelphia Art Museum

I went to Philly again for Labor day weekend! We took advantage of the Philadelphia Art Museum's "Pay what you wish" policy for the first Sunday of the month!

Walking up all of those stairs to get in, it's no wonder that Rocky used them for training!My favorite exhibit was the Shopping in Paris: French Fashion from 1850 to 1925. While the older corseted and skirted styles are fabulous to look at, my favorites were the styles from the 20's. Like this black dress on the left - with the long pearls - so fabulous. And my most favorite, is the one in the back right. (Sorry, I didn't bring my camera along on this adventure since some museums frown upon it). I just love that coral top with the beading and fine silver pleats. My other favorite exhibit was Visual Delight: Ornament and Pattern in Modern and Contemporary Design. There was some really great furniture!

I was quite pleased with what the museum had to offer! There were a bunch of the classics as well as a lot of fun modern pieces too!
I can't wait for the Inspiring Fashion: Gifts from Designers honoring Tom Marotta to open!
Photo Credits: Philadelphia Art Museum and Flickr

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  1. love the french fashion collection...again, I should have been born in the 1900's so i could have been around for Chanel's rise and 1920's flapper dresses. When we move were having a flapper party for housewarming so be ready.