November 17, 2009

Summer (and Fall) Reading

I'm sure you've noticed that I've cut back on my posts. I've been having an aversion to my computer. With nice fall weather, I've been more drawn to spending time outside and one of my favorite things is finding a warm spot in the sun to read! So I thought I would share a few of my recent reads I finished this one in like 2 days! When my mom started reading it, she was like umm, I know this family! And yes, it's just like Kelly writes, her dad and brothers knows just about everyone in the lacrosse world, including my dad!
I love the dog and the setting in this book!I've loved all of Malcolm Gladwell books that I've read including Outliers and Tipping Point. Now that I've read Blink I think I'll need to bring ever future boyfriend of mine to see that guy that can predict the outcome of relationships with a 95% accuracy!

I finally just read this one... I don't know what I was too busy doing when there was all the hoopla about it on Oprah. But regardless of it's accuracy, it's a great story and has helped many people deal with their addictions or their relationships with addicts.

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS HIGHLY OFFENSIVE, but also so ridiculously hilarious. It's essentially an out of control frat boy's tales. Don't read it if you are even a little bit conservative. But if you do read it, don't read it in public - it generally leads to laughing so hard that you're crying and then you draw attention to yourself and then people want to know what you're reading, but you're too embarrassed to tell them. They've made it into a movie too!
Photo Credits: Amazon, although honestly, I'm more of a library kind of girl, saving my money for shoes!

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  1. TUCKER MAX!!!!! Brilliant, i laughed my ass off and read it on 1 plane ride across the country. I am a sorority girl and felt like a complete ass after reading a few stories - but rolled with it! I quote that book on a daily basis!