December 4, 2009

I know I've dropped off the face of the earth...

I'm sure you all got concerned when I started missing Pink Wednesday posts! My past few weeks have been crazy; my computer went into a coma, I moved to South Carolina, and it took a VERY long time to get internet installed.

I've moved into a house that needs a lot of work, so I'm really excited for the before and afters!

My 8 year old computer has been revived. The IT people didn't really understand why I couldn't just accept that it was time for a new one, but I explained that I would rather spend money on shoes than a new comp! But I did end up buying a netbook as part of my Black Friday shopping (yes, I woke up at 3 am). So all of those pretty pics I've filed away can be transferred to the new computer!

I'm guessing that it might be a few weeks before I get back into the regular blogging routine. I'm still getting settled from the move, I left the old computer in Connecticut, so can't do any picture transfers til Christmas, and let's be honest, I'm still worn out from blogging on an 8 year old computer.

So I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and I look forward to being back soon!!!


  1. Missing your posts, and sad yo've moved so far away :(

  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? What are you doing down there? I have missed wednesday pink but glad you made the move to somewhere! Good for you!!


  3. I guess we're both Southerners now! (I'm still in the process of moving.) It'll be fun to follow you as we both get settled in our new homes. Happy new year to you!