November 11, 2009

Ebay Insanity

For this pink Wednesday, I've been obsessing over these Asics sneakers. I know, how lame, right? But I finally thought I had found the perfect running shoe!!!Most people think any old sneaker will do, but I've finally realized it pays to shell out the money for the more expensive running shoe, because they do in fact have more support etc. I've found that this style Asics is a great fit for my "sensitive feet" - but the down side to finally finding my sneaker soulmate is that I never get to pick "pretty" shoes; I get stuck with whatever color is out that season. So I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was when I went onto the Asics website to find out that they had made this GORGEOUS color sneaker!

Now the shopping drama begins... I went straight to Foot Locker (where I buy my sneaks when its time for 30% OFF to friends and family). Ugh, not on the website, but I email asking if they will carry this style... basically their answer was NO. I check the Asics website but find that there aren't any stores locally that carry this color.

Off to Ebay I go, where there is a "buy it now" pair for $79.99 or an auction ending in 2 days that was at $50. So my plan is to watch the auction, and if it goes above $79.99 then go to the "buy it now" pair. Well obviously someone else has this idea too! So after a bit of yelling at the computer I find that I am hopelessly left with the option of buying them at $130 - which is still less than their $160 retail, but once I have that $79.99 in my head, I'm determined to get them for that price! (Does anyone else ever suffer from this ebay induced insanity?)

So for the past week, I've been furious with myself for not just buying them at $79.99 the first time, and then more recently, furious with "Joe Shoe Man" for not accepting my "best offer" of $79.99.
Which brings us to today, where thankfully, on the way home from dropping someone off at JFK airport, I needed to take a bathroom break. Fortunately, I was too grossed out to stop at a rest stop, and instead insisted on going at Saks on Greenwich Avenue, in Greenwich, CT. Obviously, I couldn't refrain from doing some light shopping which eventually lead me in to a shoe store where I wanted to see if they had my sneakers. They didn't have them on display, but I thought I would ask anyway... unfortunately they didn't have my size but brought out a size up... and OMG... EWWW they look nothing like the picture!!!!! What I saw in person was this horrifying florescent pink color, and that's just not what is showing up on my computer monitor. So just like that obsession over and done. I'll just get the red pair that are cheaper on ebay anyways!On the other hand - I saw these Hunter wellies at Saks - and they are 5 times more fabulous in person!!! but they still have that $395 price tag.

I've never been a huge fan of online shopping because I know how photos can skew things.. but ugh.. what a day of online pics vs reality!

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